Breakdown continues..

After having lots of problems and breakdowns it was soon time for a complete overhaul.

I knew the gearbox wasn’t in great condition anymore (despite having it all fixed last year), and on my way to a show in October the bus started to act really weird which ended up in a totally f$#%& gearbox.

So I got towed to my mechanics garage, where we took out the engine and gearbox which is send of to a company named R-power who will tailor it to my needs..

Which will include a longer 4th gear, adding some strength in the box where possible and most likely a cooling system.

Since I’ve lost faith in my engine and was looking to get a bit more power I sold it and bought a new (used) one in the UK. A 2054 cc with MSD ignition & control unit, Italian 44 IDF webers, external oil cooler,  a DTM cooling system and much more..

Because the engine had not run for a while, we deiced to strip it completely. It was good to see that everything was build to a high standard using the better quality products. 

Everything looked great apart from one shaft in one of the heads. So the heads were send off to get them machined perfectly.

The engine had done only about 2500 miles and we could clearly see that this cooling system is a much better one than the original one from VW as all the cylinders had the exact same discoloration. If I have to take the previous owner up on his words than this engine was dyno’d at a impressive 140 BHP which will be more than enough as it’ll be nearly double the power as I had before.. 🙂

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