Bye bye Floor..

Because the bus is now awaiting a new engine and gearbox I decided to have a look at the underneath since that was the only bit I really never got round to treat. I then found a few spots on the floor which I didn’t like and decided to rip the whole interior out again .. ? Good point tho as my floor was so wonky that you’d had to have a good balance to walk straight on it..

So I started with cutting rips in between the cross members to make sure I wouldn’t make any unnecessary damages to the T-sections.

Than a very boring job was done by drilling all the factory spot welds which took quite some time..!

After that it was time to cut & drill the leftovers out as well as the 4 outriggers..

Now that to jackpots are also gone I had a look and prefer this as I think esthetically it looks a lot better and besides I’ve never ever used them to lift any of my busses so they won’t be replaced!!

More cutting was done and both outer sills had to go as well as a few bits from the front and rear top hat ..

I cut the heater pipe as when I took of the wrapping it was rusted through in 2 areas. I’ve never connected my engine either and the new one is build to run without the heat exchanger so it won’t be replaced.. But instead I bought a nice Eberspacher heater which will keep us warm on this cold road trips 😀

I’ve cut out the bottom of the front arches again as i didn’t really liked the repair I did previously!

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