Not far off..

Got my new floor, a Wolfsburg West one. (thx Daz!)

Drilled a zillion holes in it and covered the bottom with a “weld certificate” primer..



Added new inner sills, all 4 outriggers, center chassis section, repaired bottom B/C post, top hats and lower front arches..


And finally gave the chassis a first decent coat of epoxy primer!





Next job is getting the floor back in 😀


















Than I had some news re. the gearbox, It seemed that my 4th gear (ring) wasn’t the right one?? , the shafts were bent and one bearing was completely f*&^%$#!! And the biggest problem was the fact that the axle spoons were all gone and the diff was damaged, this is due to the bus being lowered with a swing axle aka straight axle system which allows the bus to be lowered a fair bit but the axles won’t sit horizontal which causes friction and stress on the differential with major problems to follow!! So driving a lowered bus on long trips with this system is a no go… those who’re running the same setup be warned!! I did about 17000 miles with it..

Anyway this means the tailored gearbox is no option for me anymore since I use my bus to drive long distances and I really like the way it sits.. Therefor my “SAK” will now make place for an early baywindow IRS kit.. with most likely a beetle 1303s gearbox..

My engine is also being put back together as we speak and will soon be dyno’d!!

Hope it’ll al work out now.. 😕

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