And then there was a floor again..

Since we’re about to instal an eberspacher in the bus it was time to sort out a bracket and place where it could sit..



























Then it was finally time to install the first half of the cargo floor..























Prepping the next half to go in..

I drilled the holes slightly bigger as I wanted to be sure the   welds were properly attached to the chassis..






The outer sill was then finally welded in and the fit is great however the bottom door lines are not equal. This is because when I’d put the new panels in, I had them lined up with the “old” sill which turned out to be not straight .. :-/

Compared with other busses (of which some are OG&untouched) in the shop I can say it fits very very nice!! 🙂




Finally the other half went in as well which made me a happy fella!!

More to come soon!! 😉

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