Sneak peak!!

Right then, time to get the engine back together.

Everything was thoroughly cleaned and looks like new now, thanks to Mathias!





We made a very important decision, the engine was build to deliver a lot of horsepower (approx. 140) combined with a high RPM but since this is the exact opposite of what I want we changed the cam from a 120 to a 110. It’s most likely something most people won’t do as this engine is build to go fast but I want torque at a lower RPM,  specially when cruising heavily loaded in the mountains so I don’t have to rev it to go uphill..



Leslie Working his “fingerspitzengefuhl” .. 🙂










Cleaned up the rest and nearly finished it.. Not sure whether to use the A1 or the CSP exhaust.

It’ll be aLIVe sOON!! 😀

Stay Tuned !!

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