dYnO time!!

At last.. we left to Duxe Engine works where Tom aka “den tokke” welcomed us for a dyno-session to get the carbs properly adjusted..

An easy and straight forward job so we thought.. Not!! You would’ve thought buying an engine which was build with this quality of parts would be set correct and not many adjusting was needed.. Wrong !! This shows that what Leslie keeps mentioning is true ” Never trust a engine that isn’t build by yourself”. That’s why we completely stripped the engine and found a bent pushrod and a few other bits that we replaced.. the heads were send of the get them machined properly and when build back together we swapped the W120 for a W110 cam.








At Duxe they do much more than just dynotests, infact they prepare all the engines for the Saker once it’s left the factory and before they go on the circuit.. They’re involved in all sorts of racing cars and a few of them were actually sitting in his workshop.. It was nice to see these special racing cars and to look under “the body” to see how they’re build!!





This Ford focus was equipped with NOS and got me exited.. thinking about a NOS setup in my bus now   …       Not!! 🙂
















This is the Saker, a very powerful car that has approx 270HP (if i’m correct) and weighs ±760kg.. not 1 but 4 of these cars where awaiting engine mods.
















So after nosing around it was time to install the engine on the dyno-machine and get cracking!




However it took quite a lot of fettling/adjusting, but eventually it went better and better until everything was set perfect!

Something I found quite bizar was that these tiny springs can be a massive difference in terms of performance!
Poor Matthias missed his date and fell asleep ! 😉
In the end when the engine was all set we tried both exhausts I had for this engine, a CSP super comp and a A1 with magna flow box. The video shows both exhaust and they switch at 2.35 min.
Note: the “shaking” noise at stationary rpm is the dynomachine 😉
Because we were late another appointment showed up on the other dynomachine, it was a “cross-beetle” powered with a hayabusa engine.. and oh man these engines can scream when they’re doing 11000 rpm !!!
We were very pleased with the final result, we estimated the engine would deliver approx 110-120HP and a torque of 150nm. After one of the first runs we were a bit disappointed as the graphic showed us a poor 87donkeys and 145NM but after adjusting the jets, air and fuel we finally got the engine running very sweet at 114HP and 168NM!! It performs very well and even at a low rpm there’s plenty of torque to get us going in the hills !! 😀
I’ve put two charts below, the one on the left shows you the 1st and last run and the one on the right shows you the A1 vs the CSP exhaust. As you can see the A1 performs better but we feel this is due to the pipe being wider and this CSP not being developed for a 2+L engine..
Here’s the run down on the specifications of the engine..
74 dpr cranck,balanced
5.4 empi H-beams with ARP2000 bolts
Magnum straight cut gears
Engle w110 cam
Engle lifters
Push rod tubes with springs
94mm mahle B&P
Heads 40-35,5 valves, channels flowed, double valve springs
Scat 1,25/1 rockers
Lightened Flywheel
Compression 9,3/1
Alu case, machined & Full flow
Full MSD
Geers oilfilter
External oil cooler with fan thermostat
Weber italy 44mm
Jake Raby DTM cooling
A few mods will follow before it’ll be fitted in the bus which includes a better throttle linkage (from the crossbar to a bell crank linkage) and a electric fuel pomp ..
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