Out with Stella for the weekend!

Got my baby out for a getaway, although we stayed local it cost me a fortune in petrol as she’s stored about 4hrs (return) away..

Parked up for the night on a quiet parking but just under the flight path of heathrow 😀

<—-  We passed this cool land rover truck on our way to a local car show in Bushy park..







Where we met some guys from the ssvc who live local too.









Nice little show with some very cool rides and they had a dance floor for great 50’s tunes ..

Lots of visitors and lots of ” can you really drive it that low? ” & ” do you still use it often “.. Oh yeah we go all over Europe ! 🙂


And some very nice Mustang’s in top notch condition!!

Doc Brown flashed back from the future   —->

A caddy like this would make the perfect – drive inn movie – ..



All together a lovely weekend, can’t wait for the next one and hopefully another roadtrip this summer!!

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