(Hi)top Gathering @ Cotswold

Last year we were talking (on the SSVC forum) about getting as much hitops together as possible.. So Phil Dowling stepped up and started a thread .. Months later it was finally time for a real nice get together at Cold Aston. Unfortunately it’s impossible to pick a “free” date, lots of other events going the same weekend so many UK hitops were spread out over the country.. Nevertheless we had a fantastic weekend with a very nice range of different splitty’s and great people!!

Friday eve we arrived late at Ben&Sarie’s (parents) cool barn.. Luxury camping underneath a barn shelter, Lots of beer and bus talk send us off to bed..

What an ass huh.. Darren’s beautifull restored hitop .. what a beauty!! 



Saturday morning we left to Cold Aston.. a super tiny village which consists of approx 25 old rural houses/farms a closed pub and church.. 😀 The weather was superb and so there was a fantastic mood.





The village had their yearly fayre and we bought a lot of crap.. lol .. I found a nice old school lumberjack shirt thanks to my buddy Steve!  After the BBQ we went to the local party !! 😀











Not sure if it was the combination of today’s alcohol, sun and smokes but the location looked very much like a Lord of the Rings scene.. the barnowner, the typical band in the old stable, old school village people and the single burning light above the door..













A fantastic party.. apparently I never made it till the end.. 😀 As you can see above I was in a very good “mood” .   ..  lol






Sunday morning it was time to leave as I’m off to la Belgique to meet friends and lots things planned around …



















Nearly forgot to mention Steve and myself  have plans to start a small business and we came across a little gadget at the fayre that became our logo..            “Aircooled Flippers”  is born !! 😀   Hopefully soon more news about this..

Then it was time leave my great friends and hit the road for a solid 12hrs drive.. 😀





















Come back soon for more updates !!

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