3 weeks Bigone beach!!

Right time for an update as it’s been very quiet here lately.. Nevertheless we’ve been busy doing all sorts of things..

Including a new job!

Which is why I left back to Belgium first before I got myself professionally going again.

Anyway, I left on sunday from the (hi)top gathering in the cotswold for a 12hr drive.. Mind you the night before I was pretty wasted but the lovely weather made for a great cruise “home”..

I was nearly at my mate Dennis when I spotted him around the corner of his house waiting with a full glass of rum!, “hey buddy, happy to see you now get that shot down!” .. Wow no messing around here .. They clearly had a party going for Leslie’s birthday and Dennis seemed in a very good mood!!

I parked up the bus ..

And went inside only to find a whole bunch of drunken monkeys.. 😀  (excuses for the fuzzy pic but it pretty much tells you how fuzzy I was)

As you can see he’s not the sort of person that takes NO for an answer when he offers you a drink..

The night continued as a great party and Dennis had some crazy picture ideas..

Oh well we had a good time and as the night went along we got more and more wasted..

And because we still felt the party had to go on we decided to head to the club at 4.30 in the morning Jihaa!!
What a welcome back to belgium party!!  Cheers guys this makes it even more easier to say goodbye from my home country 😀

We ended up at the same place at 10am in the morning and decided to stay up as it was amazing weather.. except for Leslie who passed out in the garden.. lol

We pushed the bus in the garden and what would be a temporary spot for 7 days turned out to be my 3 weeks holiday camp..

Happy dreams Leslie.. 😀

Whilst the majority of my time was spent on getting Leslie’s project (see other post) finished I tried to enjoy some time at sunny Bigone Beach ..
Zina their lovely dog striking a pose!

Dennis and his bird Annelien enjoying the great weather and the advantage of having a pool in front of the house.

Good times for sure, we made sangria “sPrUyTsTyLE”.. Not an easy pic when you drink have to drink Ice cold sangria with a long straw and they can’t get the picture right .. lol

And to give you an idea that Dennis is a bIG dude!!  😀

Lots of fun, and Mr D likes to shoot his well made patato-gun, I tried it myself but I found it more entertaining when he did it..

The next day it was time for action, Dennis loves shooting and so he took me to his weekly outing.

I was well up for it however I didn’t feel very comfortable in the beginning..

He did ask me to wear No flip flops so fortunately I took some shoes and socks with me..

I joined them first to see how it works.. And it was clearly that these guys had done it before..

I then got pointed to the rookie gate and had a go myself.. Mind my great outfit?!?

Clayshooting!! Who would’ve thought.?

The lads and myself were quite surprised to see I shot 4 out of 5 on my first go and 9 out of 10 on my second go..
You have different levels and different positions which are obviously more or less difficult. Upcoming and ongoing were not so difficult but when I tried shooting the sideways flying clay-pigeon I failed massively and couldn’t hit one of 10..

Some action shots.

We went to pick up his new hobby.. A bobber! Well not yet but this harley will be the base for his project..


Another day at Bigone beach..

I was invited to a fancy dress party in a shed in a forest, free booze and food included.. 😀

Not the greatest pictures but then I was not really in any condition to take good pictures.. 😀

The theme was rather interesting .












On 1 of the evenings out we drove with too much people on a rough cobbled road “Kinderkopkes” which caused the bumper bracket on the dogled to come off.

Luckily the bracket was still attached and a few hours later it was welded back on and painted.. In some green (rattle can) I found in the workshop..

I found another can in my garage with the right color and so job sorted!!

The rest of the days I spent working my @ss of getting Leslie’s project finished so come back soon to check out the build progress of his very cool truck..

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