Le bug show @ Spa

Sow.. after nearly 3 weeks of rushing to get Leslie’s bus finished it was time to head down to Spa for one of Europe’s best Aircooled shows.. It’s one of those shows you go to with yer mates rather as it’s not really family orientated.

As you know this is the first trip for the Doblo and we all know something like that doesn’t go straight forward.. The engine was sort of a last minute call to what was available and what should’ve been a runner turned out to be .. a failure .. 🙂

After approximately 15 mins drivin we saw Leslie’s bus slowing down and hopin’ over the road .. you know what I’m talking about .. imagine a first timer driving a car .. LOL

Anyway a bit later everything was sorted and we took of..



Bartson driving a bus for the firts time.. He was very happy as you can see..












Pitstop to check if all is fine.. The orange bus was suffering a little from the heat but nothing too serious.. Stella never came above 75˚C 🙂

Than about 45 min later, lots of smoke came out of the doblo and we pulled over on to the hard shoulder.. Clearly the engine was overheated which caused damage inside.. Leslie knew he had another spare engine in the workshop so he made a few phone calls and arranged for some friends to pick it up..

We then decided to try and get to the next junction and look out for a parking.. However once driving Leslie decided to get as far as possible seeing as the engine was fu¢k€d anyway ..


A long trip as on some climbs I think he must’ve done only 20mph.. 😀

Anyway we made it, and the next day started off with great weather !!

Queuing up to get registered .. lots of air-cooled rides turned up, I think the good weather was key to this!

The Highroof posse! 🙂








The show was packed!! I even met 2 brothers from Australia who I got in contact with through the DSK forum..
They went for a month roadtrippin around Europe in a stunning splitty!!

Stella found her mate.. Lovely hightop for sure.. They must live local as this is a static drop and I saw them cruising later struggling to get over a 2 cm bump .. 🙂

The lads asked me to do a cruise around the track so we took off..

BUT.. I ran out of petrol on the track .. LOL

Fortunately I always carry spare fuel.. 🙂





The show was rammed with lots of cool busses..


























The Doblo in all it’s glory..

And some picture I found whilst surfing the web..










I particularly like this one.. 🙂

Then it was time to drive back..

I spend the night in Dover before crossing the channel onto the rainy island.

I noticed the front of the bus looked like a battlefield.. 🙂

Unfortunately the drive home didn’t went that smooth.. I could barely switch gears and so I had to pullover.. jacked the bus up to find a broken gear linkage .. luckily I found a spare one in my First Aid Kit (thanks Leslie!!)..

Not a straight forward job with a lowered bus, It took me nearly 4hours to sort it out..

This little bugger caused the problem










Home sweet home after all!!




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