Weekend getaway @ Wyke campsite

We’ve hardly seen a summer this year here in the UK so when a few summer days arrived we got the bus out and hooked up with Steve, Sarah, Andy and the kids..

We drove of to a campsite in Andover named Wyke campsite.

Great campsite with a big pool which was needed ..

Setting up camp!

Few clouds in the sky but it was great weather!

Andy’s brand new 70’s trailer which was only used a few times and in mint condition!

Steve’s SO34 is made for chillaxing ,,















Lowie explaining Andy how the kitchen setup works 🙂

Kids having great fun!








Andy having issues with his rocker covers,  he got some new ones which he installed with new seals.. Unfortunately it proved not the be the solution to his leaking covers problem..

Enjoying the few summer days we had..

My starszz!!
















Time to break up and drive back home..

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