Weekend escape to Wales..

Sheep shaggers is the first thing that comes in mind when I enter wales and meet lots of sheep .. every where!!


We left friday night for a quick escape to Wales, seen lots of pictures so we thought to have a bit of a wander around..

We ended up sleeping in the corner of a Pub parking lot, nicely tucked away..

A rattling noise coming from the exhaust made me have a proper nose underneath the back end.. Completely unaware that Lowie lay flat-out next to me to keep his eye on what I was up to! πŸ™‚










On our way we stopped at a local farm to buy some lovely organic meat .. yum yum !!

Lovely scenery along the way with typical old architecture.

Stretching legs..

On our way back from Brecon, we drove yet again through some really nice scenery..


A bit later we met up with Jason and his “rustbus” and head down to the beach at Ogmore by sea.. Great spot but oh so windy!!

Lowie went straight behind the wheel of the rustbus and was amazed by Jason’s interior .. πŸ™‚










A giant in the make..

Racing with mummy.. πŸ˜€











No luck with the BBQ despite getting the busses together.. fortunately Jason is used to this and had his gas cooker installed in his Hitop.. Β the local burgers were very very good!!

Unfortunately the boys couldn’t stay for a party so we were left here and stayed until dark..

We didn’t stayed over night at Ogmore but drove to the next beach called southern down where we parked up next to a Welsh Hippy.. Great guy!! πŸ™‚

Lowie is spending way too much time with mummy in the morning!! I better hide these pictures in the future.. Β  lol












We were told by Mr Cooper that we had to visit the 3th biggest castle in Europe which was in his village Caerphilly.. I think he meant the 3rd biggest castle of Wales.. πŸ˜›

The basement was pretty much a hole under the castle and caused loud echo’s which was a whole new experience for Lowie.. He got very cross when we told him we wanted to leave after screaming al sorts of sounds.. πŸ™‚











More fantastic organic meat, this stuff alone is worth the drive back.. I’m starting to understand why these people start their breakfast with a BBQ.. lol

After lunch, we packed up and left back to London..



Fantastic weekend thanks to the hospitality of the Welsh!!



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