Chris Hill’s Bagged kombi

After christmas I went off to the Cotswold to see Chris his new ride.. A SW Red ’61 Kombi.. Slammed on the deck.. Literally!

The bus formerly known as “the sled” was build in the states and is well known because of it’s radical stance.

It wears a great patina, however, what you couldn’t see in pics previously is that this bus has it’s fair share in battlescars.. It must’ve rolled over at some point in it’s life as there’s grinding scars and dents on the whole drivers side of the bus. The roof has seen better days too and had repairs done previously as well as the cargo floor.. apart from that the poor thing suffers from swiss cheese holes all round. So Chris asked if I could give him a hand with some welding.

The front window frames are, as you would expect with “safari’s”, rusty but still repairable.











A few holes but nothing to worry about.


Side window frames are actually quite solid with the odd hole.

Chris doing some cleanup around the window frames in his country bumpkin look! 🙂

Meanwhile we put the infra red heater in front of Stella so she could get some heat in and dry out.

The drivers side had quite some bubbles so we took the wire mop and as expected all to be found with little holes underneath.. The drivers door had one big hole which I cut and replaced with fresh metal..













There were 2 areas which were covered with large holes so I decided to cut square holes and made some new replacements to go in .. The fit was perfect.

Unfortunately I didn’t had my camera at the time so no pics from the finished repairs.. I’m planning to go back shortly to help Chris finishing all the welding.. It was a while since I had some metal-works fun and I really enjoyed it!! Cheers for the beers Chris!

Hopefully another update soon !

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