This hitop is nearly ready to hit the road again

Matt, the owner of this special ’67 clino mobil invited me over for a brew and I was fortunate enough to see his beloved Highroof!

It’s in a rough yet solid condition and has some pretty cool features on it!


The clino-mobil is the German ambulance conversion and it features the typical high positioned windows on the side as well as the ‘drop down’ opening tailgate which helped with loading up “passengers” on a stretcher. This bus, however, features another hatch just above the ‘normal’ tailgate which is nice added bonus. Also to note are the big indicators on the top!

I could see the benefits of a hatch like that as it would be ideal for camping out in hot summer dayszz.. 🙂


















The inside of the bus was previously decorated with a home build interior and finished in white .. It looks huge inside 😀

Although the bus looks rough it’s mechanically sound and Matt is nearly ready to put the engine back in so he can start enjoying this mad thing!!

Looking forward to cruise together soon!!


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