Turbo denim..

A few years ago when I was still working for Diesel, I was very much involved in getting the Diesel fan excited for new products..

At some point Diesel came out with a new denim fabric “turbo denim” which was created with a wink to the traditional raw/dry/pure unwashed denim. The so called “hardcore denim lovers” like a proper selvedge raw denim and when you wear this for approx 1 year without washing, it shows a lot of personal and unique details such as real whiskers, abrasions, markings where you kept your phone/keys/cigarettes and so on..
What made turbo denim unique was that the fabric was treated with an enzyme that reacted to moist, heat.. or basically just made the whole process faster.

I received a prototype and as a denim lover I couldn’t resist to make this into a personal project and I’ve taken a few pictures along to show how they’ve turned out.

For those who don’t know or don’t care, most if not all ‘vintage’ treated denims you can buy ‘fresh’ from a shop/brand are based on this process.. the real wear and tear of denim.


This is the fresh un-worn Turbo denim..

Below you can see the progress going from L to R – 0 to 3 months wear (note, there a different fits but it’s the same fabric)













The result above is pretty much how Diesel marketed this product! A fast fading denim.

I soaked the denim once in plain water for ±10 mins to keep as much dye in it as possible.

Personally I think they succeed in what they created.


The final result below is after wearing this denim for approx 1,5 year. The first 6-8 months I wore it almost every day excluding hot summer days. Meanwhile it had another soak and I believe 1 rinse in the machine with hardly any washing product.



















The wallet marking on the back pocket is very clear as well as the abrasions around it and it’s nice to see how natural wear has gone through the warp exposing the weft..



















A close up from the whiskers shows how nice they’ve come out!



















Although the total look of the denim is very nice it’s nowhere near as cool as a proper natural indigo dyed high quality cotton denim. With a natural indigo dyed raw selvedge the result would have a ‘green’ cast look (faded parts look more green/yellow ish) and the weft would have a more natural (off-white) color..

I hope to show the difference sometime soon 😀




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