Mechanical farming with Stella

Stella’s found a new home closer to my location and she’s enjoying life out there being surrounded by more air-cooled beauty..

A closer home means I can take her for a drive more often and can do some maintenance too.. at last!

There’s a few urgent jobs to do such as, re-setting the valves, replacing a knackered starter, replacing the exhaust, and some jobs on the interior .. mainly re-glueing the veneer, wall paper and cabinet parts.. having and using an oldie is charming but you just have to keep maintaining it all the time..

Anyways as I said Stella is in a great place and Matt & Chantal like her and have said to find it no problem to work on her so I got her ass up in the air to take the rocker covers off and reset the valves..

Nothing is straight forward and the muffler had to come off too to give more clearance working on the valves..

Only the best for Stella and to protect the clean and fresh gravel from oil I received a harrods 100% egyptian cotton sheet.. 😀











Over the last few months when driving back and forth to Belgium, both my truck mirrors got smashed.. so I finally ordered and fitted some new ones and they look crisp and clean..

Back to the rear end of the bus.. the reason for changing to a new exhaust is because this one’s as good as dead. It had a few repairs previously and now the bracket is broken .. also the internals are loose which gives a rattling noise.

Re setting the valves is a job I’ve not really been looking forward too, although it’s easy, my buddy Leslie explained me a few times how to go ahead with it and even made me do it several times. I still was unsure and looked it up in a manual for dummies and on internet. 😀 Mechanicals are just not my thing, however, I did sort it out and felt satisfied. 🙂

Meanwile at the farm.. Matt doing what he loves most.. mowing lawn 😀 Well gardening that is! And the result is a simply stunning farm!
The early RHD (rare) crew cab is Matt’s daily driver a beautiful bus with a very nice patina!

His bus has a name too.. although for some reason I’m unsure if it’s genuine.. 😉

As I haven’t ordered the starter and exhaust yet, I fitted everything back together and got her feet back on the floor.

The advantage of a hitop camper van.. spacealicious.. 😀














Another little job on the list was fixing my small spice rack, it holds all sorts of spares but mainly wheel bolts. And these are heavy and torn the rack apart..

The lovely weather was so good I couldn’t resist to take her out for a spin..


Next time, I’ll be fitting the new exhaust, starter and battery and maybe fit the stereo and a leisure battery too.

She needs to be ready for more roadtrips soon.. 😉


Cheers Matt&Chantal for your hospitality!!

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