And POP .. !

The dent in the passenger rear corner caused me head aches and every time I saw Stella and that awful dent I felt my tummy going upside down..
So to change that I spend a few hours on that corner and it turned out really nice..

This was the damage..

So I decided to mark the inside corner just around the creases to give me a good idea where to attack the dent.

I remembered seeing a video or write up from Kustom Coach Werks a few years ago where they pushed out a big dent on the front panel of a barndoor bus using a rugby ball. Because of the size and form of this dent I thought a rugby ball wouldn’t be up for the job so instead I used a basketball! To make things work I had the build a barrier for the ball so when I was going to fill it with air it would push out the dent.. As you can see below I used a solid piece of oak for strength and placed the ball behind it using the marks.

I recorded a video to show how well the “ball trick” works.. POP..   😀

The little dent needed a bit more work and some massaging but I think the end result is nice considering no proper tools were used other then air pressure, a basketball and my hand..
I wet sanded the dented area, t-cut it, and finally gave it a little polish..

The result is perfect, it leaves a few little dents but it adds to the life of Stella! 🙂
The bottom dent was a tough one and needed some hammering hence why all the paint is gone.. that will need a little blending..

Great result for a 2 hr job 😀

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