Moved .. (again)

So.. I haven’t been up to much posting lately but it’s not like I’ve been sitting on my @ss doing F all.. We’ve recently moved in to the new house and have left London.. Thank god for that, what a sh!thole!! Anyway, happy to be gone there and finally some more space..  and a garage.. 🙂 Stella’s been put to good use, and again showed that a highroof is very practical ..

The amount of stuff going in and on the bus was pretty impressive.. after all they’re not much longer than a medium sized car.. 

Went to pick up a carpet.. When they saw Stella, they laughed and said ‘I think you will need a bigger car or rent a van’.. ..
10 mins later I smiled.. ‘easy peasy’ ..

In between jobs inside, I couldn’t resist doing some gardening. It looked like a mess and was not maintained for a very long time..  I picked up a branch cutter and got a bit carried away.. I ended up with quite some waste and didn’t know how to take it to the dump so chucked it on the roof..  The men at the waste centre were a bit amazed by the looks on their faces.. 😀       Oh well that’s it for now.. I still have some good content to write about but it’ll be for next time.. Over and out..

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