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Highroof campout 2014

At the end of June I organized a VW HIghroof gathering, the idea was a back to basic campout with a focus on the highroof. The goal was to get as many together in one field. Despite the number of owners putting their name down in joining us for the weekend, many send their cat.. I’m guessing the few hours rain we had was enough to keep them home.

Chantal and Matt’s beautiful farm is situated in the countryside on the outskirts of Maidenhead. It is the perfect setting for a relaxing weekend.

The program for the weekend was simple, come down, park up and enjoy

Nibbles and a lot of fun..


Not quite the turn out as hoped for.

Matt gettin’ dirty with the venison 🙂

Yep, caught with an axe.. not really 😛



A generous and lovely spread..

Throwing and watching the glider.

We had rain saturday afternoon but were well prepared so the party continued..



and more chillin

The campfire was massive.

In the weeds..

Ssssht barndoor a sleep..

Laid back..


From Left to right:
Antony Bentley’s ’65 Panelvan, Matt & Chantall’s ’67 Clino mobil, my ’63 Portuguese 9 window & ’65 Portuguese 13 window, Lee’s ’64 Panelvan.

( the ’63 is now owned by Mike and Charlie Rutherford.)

Thanks all for coming down, hopefully again in 2016!

Special thanks to Mike Jonhson for the pictures.

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Cruisin to the Breeze ’13

Beter late then never eh! 🙂

Brighton Breeze, probably one of the best shows in the whole year.. Despite it being a 1 day show, over the years I’ve always come down on friday eve to enjoy the weekend as much as possible.

For some reason (probably being too tired 🙂 ) I’ve only taken pics of the cruise down and not a single one at the show itself.. I guess it’s that show where you meet so many people and sort of say goodbye until you meet again somewhere early next year.

All I can say is that I had a superb time again.. I missed out on the saturday eve but that was because I had to go home bound for the delivery of my new baby girl 😀

Anyway I’ll let the pics do the talking..


Meeting up with the usual suspects.









A quick burger for Fi and Chez and we’re off..












Bobby driving the extremely low (static) PG/SG.. This is one lovely bus!!

Mr Faux in his supersonic Canada Dry DD panel.. 🙂

The speed was rather boring for Scotty..   lol

Rapid rodent racing going strong



















Some cool drive by shots!




Driving in to the sunset..

The sunset was an absolute beauty of moment to drive into..

A bit of lame show report I know but as said BB is much more then just buses parked on the madeira drive..  Thanks to the SSVC for putting down a very good show again and most importantly thanks to Mr Smart and team for making it so successful.. Well done!!

See you next year!


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Grill n Chill ’13

A bit of a late update on this show..

With good hopes we drove down to this show, I managed to convince the family as they gave a sunny forecast hence Lucy being due to give birth the same weekend .. !!!!
I’ve heard good things about this show so was looking forward to it but it didn’t last very long..
Yet again another show where you can see it’s all about money.. A lot of rubbish traders with the most un-usefull things and a mixed show and shine field  ..
It’s such a shame that organisers don’t step up to create an air-cooled only event, having started a recent discussion on a well known VW forum I could hear a lot of similar frustrations and also a demand for aircooled only events!
I’ve plans to setup a few aircooled only shows so more info soon 🙂

Anyway, apart from the little frustration I was verry happy to meet with friends and soon there was a very nice Splitscreen corner on the show.. In the end it’s the company that makes the show !!!

Lowie the lolly dude 🙂 ready for a wander around..



It didn’t last very long and so he went through the bus to see what he could find to play with..

New trend maybe .. ?










The whole bus went upside down to the likes of myself..      errrmmm..

We arrived on saturday lunch time.. I think friday night was a good one ..    😉

Nice line up!

HAYBURNER represent!!

As is the Cool Flo gang.. They threw a wicked party on the saturday night, good times!!!

What a fantastic looking bus this is!!

Ludo, Ned’s dog, had bitten Lowie’s ball to pieces therefor Lowie received a cool trucker hat! Cheers Ned..

The program for the kids was very nice with some good storytelling and lot’s of activities around..













The show and shine field had all sorts of different cars to my frustration. However, some of the “vehicles” where well worth having a look at.

This airstream was in immaculate condition, a real beauty!!

The car on the right in this picture has some really nice accessories ..












De eyes of this viking had built in lights which I think is a cool feature at night.. 🙂









The black rims on this early mango bus are a good choice, they really pop!

Tim’s “total chick car” was present and looking good as always!                                                           The Fire bus looked mint!
The pinstriped Ghia done by seaside Neil is a work of art in itself!






There seems to be a trend for putting watercoolers on beetle pans.. this won’t go any lower! Great fun when you have too much time on your hands  😀

The tuxedo beetle..    ?

Our camp!

BOOO   🙂

The dude and his bike! Soon it’ll be time for a real big boy’s bike without stabilisers..

Bagged OG paint splitty, one of my favorite colors.. Looked real nice.





Ned working on a new magazine these days ..

“Gay-Gurner”    😀




Good luck Ned! 😉






Ned’s wife Vic, did her last show with the air-cooled bouncy castles. Lowie got some extra time/fun until he knackered himself down.. 😀   Thx Vic!

The setup of this show is very nice but I’m just not a fan of seeing modern cars parked up next to our old classics.. a shame as this show has so much potential!!

Oh well until next time.. 🙂


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Not much of a big post as I was mostly sorting out bits under the van that weekend despite having a great weekend with me buddies..

The SSVC vs the Early bay line up..  (moody sky included 🙂 )

The SSVC Line up in the morning, most likely the best Line up at the whole show.. 🙂

The privilege of owning a Highroof – center of attention..    lol











No idea how this happened 😉 but I was trying to get a good shot from the mini hippy split rather then a bumshot!

As mentioned above, a small post as I was mostly under the bus during the weekend trying to figure out why the performance of my brakes and steering have reduced..
(These are not my pictures, if the owner of these pictures would like me to remove them then please contact me)

I realised at Busfest that since my bus is on the road (april/may 2010) it has done approx 35k miles.. hence why it needs maintenance all the time.. at least it feels like that.


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Skeeeeg Veegaaaasss!!

What a superb show!!

I spoke to the organiser at Bugjam and he convinced me this show was a really laidback one on a grass field near to Skegness. My buddy Scotty and his crew were heading out there as well so on friday we cruised up there..
The weather wasn’t great but it couldn’t beat us down except for us all to hiding in the buses..

The location is a nice country field with trees and so we found a great spot to park..

Mr James’s bus didn’t cooperate well and so he took his T? and made it after all.. a bit grumpy to start with 🙂

Alcohol does wonders.. and after a few I got trigger happy to the (dis) likes of Scotty .. 🙂

Jay’s superb Volksrod!

On saturday there was the rust and prime line up in the middle of the field with some nice cars!

The ususal suspects having a stroll..

Rikki’s old bus

Not sure where this belongs to tho.. ?

Went for a little wander around the field and spotted 2 more Highroofs. Yippi’s and Anthony’s!











Mr Weener Gypsy style!!

We had a few showers during the day and I forgot to take the Charcoal of the roof.. Even after setting fire to the BBQ with lots of fuel, we realised we needed something else to get it going.. Scotty had the brilliant idea to get 12v blower out and give the BBQ a little hand.. 😉

Saturday night was brilliant with a 1hr set from Visiontech beats.. oh yeah good stuff!!

Unfortunately we didn’t get much of a lie-in as Mr Jay was up early to get his shiny beast ready for the show and shine.. and lucky us he parked so close with his quiet Stinger!! (loud exhaust! 😉 )

Scotty said to have a go in the show and shine and strangely enough I followed him .. lol
I even won a prize ! God know’s for what but it was funny! 🙂

As the weather looked very promising I took the opportunity to open up the roof tent and let it air a bit.. it was quite popular! 🙂

Lovely cars in the line up!



























I loved the interior of this Gia!!

This pictures shows the vibe of the show really well.. relax.. and chill.. 😀

The show finished sunday eve and we decided to stick around a bit in the area and went to a campsite in Skegness to have a nice warm shower!!

We were quite a sight at the campsite..

The next eve near the beach in Skeg..

The next morning Scotty and I continued a little trip on the coast line and came to a nice place right at the beach..






Happy times for sure!

Another fantastic weekend and good times with friends!!

Roll on 2014!!


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Bug Jam 2013

Having never visited Santa pod and being asked by friends to come out and play I loaded Stella up and left..

Wow, this must be the crapiest show I’ve ever been to .. Chav level 10! and the quality of cars is poor (70% watercooled crap) however the company was superb which made it a great weekend after all!

Scotty was waiting for me at the entrance and guided me through the madness onto the MILK&TWO club camping spot where they kept the only small spot left for Stella.. Cheers Guys!!
The line up on the grass reserved for Milk&two was rather cool with an early slammed Ambulance, DKW, Barndoors, ratrods, super early bay window, slammed early double door, a stunning patina’d oval, a 520HP split double cab and Stella..

After a great party the wake up call can be very hard sometimes 😉

Once Chez is alive.. the bar is open..  😀

And he’s always up for a party!

I went to have a look at the drag strip and noticed the below Crew cab which was parked next to me all weekend.. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it taking off.. F*ck me this thing as fast as hell.. It currently has about 520HP and according to the owner he’s got an upgrade awaiting to take it up to approx. 750HP !  WOW !!

Bugjam = a big fun fair..

The Hayburner boot.. always a cool setup!

Ned doesn’t only make for a good magazine but he know’s how to entertain people with a skateboard too!


Went on a stroll and spotted some cool rides

























This ride looked like it came straight of the the new Mad Max set..
Very cool thing!











This is Seaside Neil’s wicked patina’d Oval!!

Another very nice ride..

This extremely tidy engine bay caught my eye.. well done to the owner for keeping it so clean!

Jo Pro’s SC logo

Backdoor Ben on the move 🙂

Moody skies..

I don’t think I’ll do a Bug jam again, despite the great company it just doesn’t tick the box for me..



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European Bug in 5

Right, so it was time to visit Bug in again..
I’d done the first one so I was very excited to see what edition 5 would bring..

It didn’t start of great for me.. I hooked on a small Dutch convoy of my Buddy Arnold and drove down to Chimay..
As I don’t do satnav and followed Arnold I didn’t really watched the road but after driving a long time on B-roads we got nervous as we were doing a detour..
Arnold realised his satnav was playing around and so we pulled over on a service station to discuss the way ahead and filled up..

But oh dear.. when we left the service station I couldn’t go over the dip and had to reverse, a quick look in the mirror showed nothing so I put Stella in reverse and looked in the other mirror only to see Doug’s (VW fanatic from Cali who joined us in a hired car) face giving a ” NO dude -STOP!” expression.. but before I realised it was too late!!  Bang!!   Bugger.. I jumped out of the bus to see the damage..  I could see a few green scratches on Arnolds bumper and around his headlight and saw a little dent on my bus.. Arnold said it’s fine dude let’s get back on the road and drive down to the Bug in show..

After circling around in Chimay we finally got on to the event and parked up.. It was then I saw the real damage that I done to Stella.. NOT good.. I managed to get 3 dents in the passenger side rear corner, a big one, a little one just on the joint of the battery tray and a nasty dent on the bottom from his bumper. A good inspection on Arnolds bus showed little damage around his headlight and trim ring and some scratches on his bumper.. As by Luck Arnold had sanded half of the front panel of his bus as it’s going in to the bodyshop soon for a respray so he didn’t really bother about the damage..
Thanks dude I owe you!!

Not a great start for the bug in..

















We decided to get over this with a few drinks and get the party going ..
We were parked close to the burnout ring and I decided to have a look.. Good call as you will see below..

Dee queuing for the burnout ring, but we all know it was rather to promote his VW festival in Kent 🙂
The real show was for Pascal with his Drag-highroof-windsplit .




Pascal was giving a real show with lots of burning rubber and mad sounds from his screaming engine..









I think he got a bit carried away by the exciting crowd as he was trying to throw donuts.. However, a Highroof is not the best option for this.. as you’ll see below .. 😦

It was very quiet for a few seconds when this happened.. (look at the guys face in the bottom right corner)

Luckily the response was good and in less than a minute the “wind split” was back on his feet!!

Fortunately the damage wasn’t too bad, battlescars and a good story I guess. 🙂











Go fast – Not crazy.. Pascal! 😉

The weather wasn’t great but edition 5 was packed, what you see below is only a hint of the show.. the camping was full as well but   we made the right call to stay down here as it was a dirty mud field.









As per coincidence there were 7 Highroofs at the show which is a record in Europe!! Most of us know each other so we decided to group together for a line up.. 🙂

One Highroof (Combicoxshop) decided not to join the line up and showed little to no interest.. stupid in my opinion!

You will not see a highroof line up like this again soon!!
( I love the fact they all have a different paint scheme..)

After the line up we parked up again and had a good party going..

EBI#5 was a good show!! You hear lot’s of people moaning about the price but as far as I can tell this show is a bargain compared to most UK shows you go to and you get good entertainment for your money too!! Not that I’ve done a lot as for me it’s all about  having a good time with your mates.. the rest is just bonus.. 😀


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Calling all Highroof owners!!!


It’s on!!

I’m trying to get this up and running.
The goal is to get as much of these beloved vehicles together in one field.
Not a commercial show with trophy’s, sponsors and show and shine blingers but a gathering with fellow Highroof owners talking anal highroof stuff amongst the smell of a great BBQ and beers.. 😀
For all Factory Highroof models, visitors welcome.
Location: Maidenhead – farm field (see pic!)
Date: TBC
No entry price, probably a fee for shared BBQ.

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Thanks to all of you who came to say hello at the European shows!!!

It’s nice to hear that the roadtrip stories are still inspiring people to do the same!!

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‘Vicky’ Farm 2013

The Split Screen Van Club holds it’s AGM every year at the beginning of May at Eddy & Jackie’s Victoria Farm up in Lutterworth. After showing up sunday eve last year I realised I missed the whole thing.. Most people went home due to the poor weather.

This year, however, the weather gods gave us a hopeful forecast. Apart from a cold friday eve and a few brief showers on saturday, we had great weather throughout.

Because of the forecast, many fellow buslovers made the trip and it was a great turnout and good to catch up with many friends..



Camp all setup on saturday morning.. not too busy on the field .. yet!

Mike also arrived late on the friday and of course he had his “treehouse” all set up.                                                           Cool sign written panel.

Beautiful set up that is..  binz & airstream













In the big marquee the SSVC organises “seedlings”!! Very much to the likes of the little ones as they had all sorts of things going on.. drawing, designing cakes and even ‘creating’ their very own split screen van..




The seedlings Bus line up .. patina, concurs, custom, flower power.. Lots of creativity around the young guns!









A rather nice Palm Green Sand green stock bus was parked in the lower field and it boosted a lovely patina!


Spotted the SSVC editor having his cuppa in this lowered double door panel van !

Then it was finally time to race the little buses the kids had been making. This was a brilliant idea! The buses were turned into scalextrics and placed per 4 on the track..          Thanks Amanda&Matthew, you did a superb job for the kids!!

Ready .. set..  ..      GO!!                                                             vvrrrrrooOoaaammm



All that racing made us very hungry so time for a snack… mmm donuts! 🙂

At some point Lowie took control of my camera and a few minutes later my memory card was about 50 pictures richer .. 🙂
























Sunday morning, everybody getting ready for the cruise to the Stanfordhall show..















There were a whole lot of vans!! Pretty much every little gap in the field was filled with Splitscreen buses ready for the cruise to the show..













Chief in command getting prank’d! 😀

My buddy Chris who’s very much in love with this bay window miniature..














More vans ..  EVERYwhere !!











And then finally off for the short cruise in a mahoosive concoy ..

Roof racks make for a good viewpoint.

At last .. Standford Hall! Probably the only show I’ve been to where they have a dedicated area with split screen vans only!! And there were roughly 200 buses.. woWSers!!

Great fun for the whole family!

In the late afternoon we returned back to Vicky farm for some more chillaxing ..


Buses are multifunctional.. they’re used for all sorts of purposes .. even as a climbing construction..

Monday morning.. getting all ready for a scorcher today!!

Lowie having a go at eating his breakie on his lap… hilarious..  😀

Then I had the opportunity to ride this amazing piece of history but unfortunately my knee wasn’t cooperating at the time so instead I put Lowie on there.. He loved it but wasn’t too sure of the height..

Chilling out and enjoying the sun .. for once !?

I spotted this early bus and loved it all the way.. lifted, truck mirrors, patina and knobbly tires.. oh yes!

In the afternoon it was time to say goodbye and cruise home..


What a lovely weekend and yet again a great performance from the SSVC for organising this.

Thanks and until the next one..






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