How do we do it.. ?

Simples.. Get in the van drive and relax.. šŸ˜€

On a more serious note we plan not too much ahead in fact we plan hardly anything.

A rough route is set to what country/area we’d like to travel and potential places we’d like to see. We have a look on the world wide web on what area we need to see and what area’s we rather avoid.

I do look into what VW clubs/shops are in the area as they might come in handy when you breakdown.. believe me, i’ve been there šŸ˜‰

We don’t tend to do campsites, simply because they cost money and they have rules/guidelines to follow. It’s much more fun to camp in the wild and you often get to meet likewise people and most of all holiday to us means free to do what ever you want to do!! We do however sometimes spend a night on a cheap campsite but only when we need to do some laundry or want to have a hot shower which only happens on a rare occasion ;-).

We have a guide on board that leads us to free campspots which can be very useful if you travel through densely populated area’s or when you’re driving straight through a country.. The guide also shows places where you can spend the night, get water and electricity for low prices.

We don’t take a sat nav on board but travel by roadmap which sometimes can be a bit frustrating but I feel you see much more of the country this way and it’s part of our holiday style.

I prefer to do long trips in the evening or during the night, this way you can enjoy more of your day, it’s less boring for your family and temps are much lower which results in better cooling for your engine. But beware when you drive an old car on dark motorways, I’ve experienced that lots of fast cars don’t see you very well and overtake you quite close sometimes. Therefore I bought a magnetic fluorescent “slow moving vehicle” sticker which lights up very good at night and makes my bus 10 times more visible.

Regarding the kids, I’ve had alot of people asking how we managed doing a roadtrip with a 2 months old baby.. to be honest we never really thought about it being a problem/hassle. In fact it’s so much easier when they’re so young as most of the time they sleep and only make a fuss when they want something šŸ˜‰ (food, nappy change,..) It is however a lot easier with breastfeeding as you don’t have to go through the hassle of prepping the milk.. It’s instantly available at all times !! šŸ˜€

The only hassle we experienced was the amount of baby stuff we had on board, maxi cosy, nappies, buggy and pram take up a lot of space. We had him sleeping in the pram as he wasn’t ready for the hammock yet.

A good tip is that you visit your doctor and ask if you need any medicine in case of emergency. (depending on your baby’s health)

The mechanical part of the bus is something I leave to my mate/mechanic to check. A good service and a pre packed list/box is a welcome luxury when you’re planning doing some miles.

Whilst refueling on the motorway stops after covering lots of miles I check all the wheel bolts (approx. every 700km) and have a good nose in the engine bay to see if everything is still attached properly (fuel lines!).

We take alot of stuff on holiday, therefore the interior of the bus is set to be most functional/efficient and has a lot of storage.. Clothes (don’t take too much as you never wear it all at the same time;-) ), coolbox, water tank, radio, bbq, stove, spices, cutlery, bin liners, toys, food etc etc.. it’s all there, stored away and makes everything during your holiday so much easier.. you don’t want to spend 30 mins moving all your stuff in the evening just so you can make up your bed..

We take a lot of food from home and we buy fresh food at locale markets, cheap and very nice!

In terms of cost, if you’re planning on doing a lot of miles like we do than expect that half your budget will go to petrol..

We calculate Ā±800ā‚¬/wk and we’ve never gone over it. So it’s not just food and petrol but also excursions, viewings, buying spare parts ;-), activities, etc.. Mind you if you were doing similar distances and go on campsites you’re more likely to spend more!!

That’s about it..

If you have any questions or if you like to comment feel free to contact me!

La pura vida!!

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