2011 – lITTlE rOaDtRIp tHRoUgH tHe EiFEl aREa

It nearly seemed game over.. first my engine that failed after it’d been repaired, then my mechanic helped me out with giving me a replacement engine and just as I was fully packed and ready to go I smelled petrol..  So I opened the engine hatch and there was definitely petrol leaking, looking under the engine I saw a little puddle.. Then started the engine and found a fountain of petrol spraying out of the carburetor! so obviously turned it off straight away.. It was 21.30h and really wanted to leave! I like to do a lot on the bus myself but the heart is left to my mechanic, so I gave him a call, tried to fix it ,but it was something different. Lucky me, he nearly finished and came out to help me on my way, seemed like the problem was something really stupid that I’m not going to tell as it was a bit embarrassing .. lol

Anyway of we were for a few days with an original 1500cc engine ( without air filter!!) to the hills of the Ardennes, Luxembourg & Germany..

As we were nearly on our first destination (Bouillon on the border with France), taking the exit of the high way, we ran into a Police control.. Damn, having a few beers and a few green cigars it wouldn’t help the situation, specially knowing i’m actually not aloud to drive my bus at night with my restricted license plate, beeing lowered and all makes it even worse.. anyway they made me stop, asked my papers and drivings license. The police man went back to his colleagues walked around the van, laughed, pointed, laughed again and came back.. asked me if i was definitely the “DISCOMAN” from the drivings license 🙂 (very funny old picture) and then asked me what my destination was.. I told him I was going to a show and would stop in Bouillon.. he seemed to be interested in the fact I was going to a show and I took the conversation slowly into another direction and asked for a place to sleep. He went back to his colleagues and they explained me were to sleep and off I was.. how lucky and how funny..   lol

Anyway enough talking, let the pics do the rest..

Waking up @ Bouillon next to the castle.

Since the Ardennes is related to the Wintertrail I couldn’t resist to a bit of off-roading  😉

Found a lovely lunch spot..

Cruising into God knows where.. 😀

Then it was time for a little rest and .. 😀  so we parked somewhere in a field..

We stopped at a campsite as we were not equipped with a shower and enough water..

Made this picture which for some reason I really really like..

and this one too ..

The next day we were off driving into Luxembourg and Germany.

After a while it was time for some refreshing as it was a lovely hot day ..

At the end of the day we were near to Koblenz and as we couldn’t find a free camp spot we decided to go to the “bullikartei treffen” an annual show organised by the likewise named website.. Nice people but the campsite was way overprized for a very small field, 2 showers and no shop, but I guess the nice weather made up for it.. There were some nice busses and the only lowered one was .. mine  needless to say it got a lot of attention

Nice panelvan

Lovely hitop!

Not easy to get off the camp site .. 🙄

The next day it was baking hot and so we decided to cool down on the river and hire a kayak but since we were quite hangover from the night before we went for the motorized version  😀

Found a beautifull Captain 🙂

After a few hours we got back to the bus, just in time as it started pissing it down..

We quickly drove to the nearest petrol station to shelter and found something really nice..

A 1L proper BEER can, viking Beer ohh yeah..  Me Like!

and so does the missus.. 😀

We decided to head back to Belgium, but just as before getting lost over and over again..

Somewhere lost  ..   again   ..

BBQ time after a long drive, the damp from the rain shows how hot it was..

chef @ work 😛

Later that night we spent hours looking after a free camp spot but again we couldn’t find it..  seems like the new camp spot book aint working for us 😦  and tired from driving around we ended up sleeping at a highway petrol station ..

The next day we drove to a nice spot in the south of Belgium and came across a sign “oldtimer days” so obviously we though, let’s have a look.. once we got there they wanted us to park on the field we found out it was a ..

Tractor show  😀

After that we went to a nice lake in the south of Holland which is in between Belgium and Germany and than drove back home. It was a nice trip and made me realize that a 1500 is not made for my bus, it was ok on the highway but in the hills it just wasn’t powerfull enough.. the interior however is found very usefull/functional! Good times for sure and we’re looking out for the next time we can sneak out.. 😀

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