Nr 2 .. A ’61 11 window (gone)

With my first purchase being a disaster I tried to leave my emotions for what they were and sat down with another dodgy dealer who I got in contact with and who was very interested in my Samba bus. Being at the dealers shop I realized that there main purpose was just a money collecting business and it had nothing to do with passion or whatsoever.. Altho I had the advantage of not having the Samba with me it took me quite some negotiation to get a good deal done. Obviously they wanted a swap with money their way but since I had already paid way too much for the samba that wasn’t going to happen. We finally made a deal and signed for it, bare in mind they didn’t actually seen the samba IRL.. A bus for a bus and they would deliver the new one at my place!

(note, my Samba was offered a week later for 49995€!!! More than 3 times what I paid for it !?? honest people huh?!)

Anyway, my misery was gone and I could finally enjoy driving a VW split bus!!

This is when I saw it first.

Solid cargo floor with only a small patch to weld.

Matching nrs engine!

Lovely Bus..

A happy owner.

I found a great old matching bus tent and obviously I went straight out on a weekend trip camping!

After a few months owning this bus I realized it was not my cup of tea, altho it was a nice shiny bus, I did prefer a more vintage paint kind of bus and also found a few things on it that made me suspicious this bus must’ve had a quick respray and holding some surprises.. (as do many classics).

And so this bus was sold to a new owner, which who I informed with all the good and the bad points, as far as I know it’s still being used and loved and had a few repairs done!!

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