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Grill n Chill ’13

A bit of a late update on this show..

With good hopes we drove down to this show, I managed to convince the family as they gave a sunny forecast hence Lucy being due to give birth the same weekend .. !!!!
I’ve heard good things about this show so was looking forward to it but it didn’t last very long..
Yet again another show where you can see it’s all about money.. A lot of rubbish traders with the most un-usefull things and a mixed show and shine field  ..
It’s such a shame that organisers don’t step up to create an air-cooled only event, having started a recent discussion on a well known VW forum I could hear a lot of similar frustrations and also a demand for aircooled only events!
I’ve plans to setup a few aircooled only shows so more info soon 🙂

Anyway, apart from the little frustration I was verry happy to meet with friends and soon there was a very nice Splitscreen corner on the show.. In the end it’s the company that makes the show !!!

Lowie the lolly dude 🙂 ready for a wander around..



It didn’t last very long and so he went through the bus to see what he could find to play with..

New trend maybe .. ?










The whole bus went upside down to the likes of myself..      errrmmm..

We arrived on saturday lunch time.. I think friday night was a good one ..    😉

Nice line up!

HAYBURNER represent!!

As is the Cool Flo gang.. They threw a wicked party on the saturday night, good times!!!

What a fantastic looking bus this is!!

Ludo, Ned’s dog, had bitten Lowie’s ball to pieces therefor Lowie received a cool trucker hat! Cheers Ned..

The program for the kids was very nice with some good storytelling and lot’s of activities around..













The show and shine field had all sorts of different cars to my frustration. However, some of the “vehicles” where well worth having a look at.

This airstream was in immaculate condition, a real beauty!!

The car on the right in this picture has some really nice accessories ..












De eyes of this viking had built in lights which I think is a cool feature at night.. 🙂









The black rims on this early mango bus are a good choice, they really pop!

Tim’s “total chick car” was present and looking good as always!                                                           The Fire bus looked mint!
The pinstriped Ghia done by seaside Neil is a work of art in itself!






There seems to be a trend for putting watercoolers on beetle pans.. this won’t go any lower! Great fun when you have too much time on your hands  😀

The tuxedo beetle..    ?

Our camp!

BOOO   🙂

The dude and his bike! Soon it’ll be time for a real big boy’s bike without stabilisers..

Bagged OG paint splitty, one of my favorite colors.. Looked real nice.





Ned working on a new magazine these days ..

“Gay-Gurner”    😀




Good luck Ned! 😉






Ned’s wife Vic, did her last show with the air-cooled bouncy castles. Lowie got some extra time/fun until he knackered himself down.. 😀   Thx Vic!

The setup of this show is very nice but I’m just not a fan of seeing modern cars parked up next to our old classics.. a shame as this show has so much potential!!

Oh well until next time.. 🙂


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Skeeeeg Veegaaaasss!!

What a superb show!!

I spoke to the organiser at Bugjam and he convinced me this show was a really laidback one on a grass field near to Skegness. My buddy Scotty and his crew were heading out there as well so on friday we cruised up there..
The weather wasn’t great but it couldn’t beat us down except for us all to hiding in the buses..

The location is a nice country field with trees and so we found a great spot to park..

Mr James’s bus didn’t cooperate well and so he took his T? and made it after all.. a bit grumpy to start with 🙂

Alcohol does wonders.. and after a few I got trigger happy to the (dis) likes of Scotty .. 🙂

Jay’s superb Volksrod!

On saturday there was the rust and prime line up in the middle of the field with some nice cars!

The ususal suspects having a stroll..

Rikki’s old bus

Not sure where this belongs to tho.. ?

Went for a little wander around the field and spotted 2 more Highroofs. Yippi’s and Anthony’s!











Mr Weener Gypsy style!!

We had a few showers during the day and I forgot to take the Charcoal of the roof.. Even after setting fire to the BBQ with lots of fuel, we realised we needed something else to get it going.. Scotty had the brilliant idea to get 12v blower out and give the BBQ a little hand.. 😉

Saturday night was brilliant with a 1hr set from Visiontech beats.. oh yeah good stuff!!

Unfortunately we didn’t get much of a lie-in as Mr Jay was up early to get his shiny beast ready for the show and shine.. and lucky us he parked so close with his quiet Stinger!! (loud exhaust! 😉 )

Scotty said to have a go in the show and shine and strangely enough I followed him .. lol
I even won a prize ! God know’s for what but it was funny! 🙂

As the weather looked very promising I took the opportunity to open up the roof tent and let it air a bit.. it was quite popular! 🙂

Lovely cars in the line up!



























I loved the interior of this Gia!!

This pictures shows the vibe of the show really well.. relax.. and chill.. 😀

The show finished sunday eve and we decided to stick around a bit in the area and went to a campsite in Skegness to have a nice warm shower!!

We were quite a sight at the campsite..

The next eve near the beach in Skeg..

The next morning Scotty and I continued a little trip on the coast line and came to a nice place right at the beach..






Happy times for sure!

Another fantastic weekend and good times with friends!!

Roll on 2014!!


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Hessisch Oldendorf 2013

AAaaahhhh man what a blast was this show!!!

I lefthome on the evening of wednesday 29th to meet up with fellow bus owners at dover beachfront where we parked up to get the early boat on thursday morning..
Once landed in Dunkerque we re-grouped and made a convoy of 11 Splitbuses.. this convoy was rather Unique, with a very early bus.. a ’50!! Owned by Dai Watkins and was “thrown” together to make this trip. 😀

Further more we had a 51, 52’s, 53’s, 54 sunroof, Single cab, early bullet buses and the hitop..

Chez’s 53 hippyracer and Ben’s 51                                                         Buzz’s 54 sunroof, the green ‘windup’ barndoor and in the back Dai’s 50!




















The reason why we had to stop was a overheating engine in Ben’s 51..

Another stunning bus in the comvoy was the 54 deluxe from Graham!        Scotty’s 52 RHD, Simon’s 56 Pg/Sg and Mike’s 59 RHD.

Half an hour later we were back on the motorway continuing or ever lasting super slow convoy at approx. 45 mph.. We decided to do some shopping before we would go to BBT’s and so we came off the motorway just before going in the Antwerp Kennedy tunnel.

We draw a serious amount of attention at the local supermarket 😀

As soon as we tried to get back on the motorway we came to a complete stand still, we didn’t even made it on the motorway. I jumped out of the bus walked on to the motorway and saw a sign : accident – wait at least 1 hour. Damn!! A quick word with the rest of the group and I decided to lead all the buses around via the waaslandtunnel aka “bunnyhole” (konijnepijp) through the center of Antwerp whilst rush hour!!

A few shots made by Mike as I was too busy focussing on not loosing anybody!
Thanx to everybody for cooperating well and making phone calls in between!!

B- routing..

Dai’s ’50 – What a piece of history!!

Rush hour in front of the “konijnepijp” (waasland tunnel), a bit scary with all these expensive things on the road.. 4 lanes going in to 1 and not a single car that would leave you a gap, you literally have to squeeze yourself in.. Nearly impossible to do with a convoy.. BUT we all made it safe and sound! 🙂

We finally arrived at BBT’s after a 7,5hr drive! The weather had turned from rain to beautiful weather which created the perfect atmosphere amongst loads of VW fans! (pics by BBT)

Plenty of people enjoying the FREE and fantastic BBQ from Bob by the fresh-a-licious catering team.










A great opportunity to see BOB’s own collection, he own’s an amazing car collection!!

We had a great evening meeting lots of old and new friends..

Early birds in the morning enjoying the lovely breakfast continued with the start of the convoy to Hessisch Oldendorf.


Because we had such a long drive to Antwerp we decided to have a lay in and skip the cruise in the morning so we could drive a little faster and don’t have to stop all the time.. 🙂

A few pictures of the cruise..

Alan Scott’s (Scotty) 52 RHD – the oldest RHD on the road!




















Chez William’s 53 – He used to race this bus down the strip!













We catched up with the BBT convoy.. and over took them.. 😀







Vrooaaammm.. we were having a steady cruise at ± 75 mph.. not bad for these old rust buckets.. 😀

Saw some very nice cars in the Convoy..















Eventually we over took the whole convoy and arrived about 15mins earlier.. 🙂

Thanks to Niels for these nice pictures..

We parked up in the center of the town. Later on the eve they played music down the road and around 3am I called a night..









A very busy and lovely show started early saturday with the center square packed with barndoors

Chez doing what he does best.. 🙂

Streets packed with early beetles..

Oval windows everywhere..

Streets filled with buses too 🙂

Another Highroof!! Jari from Finland came down and drove about 2000km to get there..

A lot of very nice early buses!

One of the highlights of the show were the schwimmwagens..

They all went to the local river and gave a little demonstration.. impressive to say the least!!
I met a family from Singapore together with a friend of them, all VW heads (they have some split buses and even a kombi restaurant – Kombi rocks) and gave them a lift to the river, they enjoyed it a lot. If you read this, I hope to meet you again some time!!


Having some good times on the ferry crossing ourselves..














Sunday eve most people had left back home but we decided to stay on the campsite and had a nice warm shower 🙂

Cool as pick up!

A nice chat and round up of the show with good friends before we took an early night and drove back to Belgium the next morning..

What a great weekend!!!


Cheers to everybody I met at the show..

Good times!!

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Thanks to all of you who came to say hello at the European shows!!!

It’s nice to hear that the roadtrip stories are still inspiring people to do the same!!

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