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Wax and Polish time..

Right.. so with the superb weather from the last weeks I thought it was time to take the roofrack of and see what the roof looks like. I gave it a quick Anchor wax treatment last Autumn in between showers when it was cold and when she lived out side.. Not the best times but it was better than nothing.
I knew it wasn’t looking great hence why I took it off!

Seems it was the right thing to do!! Mind you the Anchor wax makes it look far worse then it actually is.

So I Attacked it with a hand brush and car shampoo and the result was not bad at all. Only a few spots with some surface rust which is a result from the old cracked paint.

I cleaned the whole bus and put it in the field to have a good look at it to see what it looks like without the roof rack. Apart from when it was delivered (all stock) I’d never seen it without..















I have to say I’m not sure if I like it ..

Another scar with a story in Stella’s life.. the gutter is/was badly bended.. I’ve fixed it but no picture yet 🙂

Next I polished the whole bus (except the roof) which was quiet a hard job, especially in the current temp’s (30˙ C ) outside.. And put a wax film over it. Finally I took a rag and anchor waxed the whole roof with a clean thin layer and poured a thicker layer in the gutter. It’s so nice to do this job when it’s hot as the wax is so much better/easier to use!


















I need to get her out in the sun to see the proper result but she sure is clean and has a nice shine on it..
Happy dayszz 😀



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