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Not much of a big post as I was mostly sorting out bits under the van that weekend despite having a great weekend with me buddies..

The SSVC vs the Early bay line up..  (moody sky included 🙂 )

The SSVC Line up in the morning, most likely the best Line up at the whole show.. 🙂

The privilege of owning a Highroof – center of attention..    lol











No idea how this happened 😉 but I was trying to get a good shot from the mini hippy split rather then a bumshot!

As mentioned above, a small post as I was mostly under the bus during the weekend trying to figure out why the performance of my brakes and steering have reduced..
(These are not my pictures, if the owner of these pictures would like me to remove them then please contact me)

I realised at Busfest that since my bus is on the road (april/may 2010) it has done approx 35k miles.. hence why it needs maintenance all the time.. at least it feels like that.


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