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Getting the Doblo ready in less than 3 weeks..

Whilst I was staying in Belgium at Bigone beach (see other post) my priorities were to get Leslie’s bus ready for Le bug show in Spa.

There wasn’t really anything done to the bus since I worked on it last time..

We talked about adding more rigidity so the first job was closing the chassis legs and get them properly “boxed”.




I continued with measuring and welding the T-sections back in place and we made a gear link tube from tent pools 😀

Whilst I was welding Leslie’s bus, he got started on Stella.. the engine went out, replaced a new gearbox (due to a broken reverse) and  gave her a service in half a day.. Impressive to say the least!!

3 central chassis sections and outriggers went in!

Moved on to the cargo floor..













Lots of beating to get the old and new floor lined up, the pressings were not even which was a bit of a nightmare.!!

The beast taking shape!!

Because the work load was quite big and the deadline too short to get this done on my own I got some help from Sven aka “de pottentuin” .

Nearly all the welding done, this is one solid truck!!

Then it was time for Leslie to get his magic fingers working on the truck..

1 day later nearly all the mechanics, brakes and wires were installed..






There’s always a good selection of cars/buses in the workshop!

Got this bumper in a decent shape..

The “DOBLO” touches the floor for the first time!!

Luckily we got some more help in the last few days!

Then it was time to prepare the bus and shoot it in one color..










The result is one bad ass truck!!

However the last few days we rushed a bit too hard as we really wanted it to be ready for Le bug show in Spa and there wasn’t enough time.. Some did probably notice the sanding-paint work finish is not as it should be but please keep in mind that it was done at 2am in the morning.. On top of that Kevin (who did the paint job) experienced a jammed spray gun which shot at a few chunky bits and created a few runners and a spider web.. There was not enough paint neither time left to correct it but I think the result is still amazing!!




I hope you are enjoying it Leslie!!! It sure is a cool truck!

1 hour after the truck saw daylight we went off to Spa for it’s first test drive..

Stay tuned for more pics..







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