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Bug Jam 2013

Having never visited Santa pod and being asked by friends to come out and play I loaded Stella up and left..

Wow, this must be the crapiest show I’ve ever been to .. Chav level 10! and the quality of cars is poor (70% watercooled crap) however the company was superb which made it a great weekend after all!

Scotty was waiting for me at the entrance and guided me through the madness onto the MILK&TWO club camping spot where they kept the only small spot left for Stella.. Cheers Guys!!
The line up on the grass reserved for Milk&two was rather cool with an early slammed Ambulance, DKW, Barndoors, ratrods, super early bay window, slammed early double door, a stunning patina’d oval, a 520HP split double cab and Stella..

After a great party the wake up call can be very hard sometimes πŸ˜‰

Once Chez is alive.. the bar is open.. Β πŸ˜€

And he’s always up for a party!

I went to have a look at the drag strip and noticed the below Crew cab which was parked next to me all weekend.. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it taking off.. F*ck me this thing as fast as hell.. It currently has about 520HP and according to the owner he’s got an upgrade awaiting to take it up to approx. 750HP ! Β WOW !!

Bugjam = a big fun fair..

The Hayburner boot.. always a cool setup!

Ned doesn’t only make for a good magazine but he know’s how to entertain people with a skateboard too!


Went on a stroll and spotted some cool rides

























This ride looked like it came straight of the the new Mad Max set..
Very cool thing!











This is Seaside Neil’s wicked patina’d Oval!!

Another very nice ride..

This extremely tidy engine bay caught my eye.. well done to the owner for keeping it so clean!

Jo Pro’s SC logo

Backdoor Ben on the move πŸ™‚

Moody skies..

I don’t think I’ll do a Bug jam again, despite the great company it just doesn’t tick the box for me..



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Wax and Polish time..

Right.. so with the superb weather from the last weeks I thought it was time to take the roofrack of and see what the roof looks like. I gave it a quick Anchor wax treatment last Autumn in between showers when it was cold and when she lived out side.. Not the best times but it was better than nothing.
I knew it wasn’t looking great hence why I took it off!

Seems it was the right thing to do!! Mind you the Anchor wax makes it look far worse then it actually is.

So I Attacked it with a hand brush and car shampoo and the result was not bad at all. Only a few spots with some surface rust which is a result from the old cracked paint.

I cleaned the whole bus and put it in the field to have a good look at it to see what it looks like without the roof rack. Apart from when it was delivered (all stock) I’d never seen it without..















I have to say I’m not sure if I like it ..

Another scar with a story in Stella’s life.. the gutter is/was badly bended.. I’ve fixed it but no picture yet πŸ™‚

Next I polished the whole bus (except the roof) which was quiet a hard job, especially in the current temp’s (30Λ™ C ) outside.. And put a wax film over it. Finally I took a rag and anchor waxed the whole roof with a clean thin layer and poured a thicker layer in the gutter. It’s so nice to do this job when it’s hot as the wax is so much better/easier to use!


















I need to get her out in the sun to see the proper result but she sure is clean and has a nice shine on it..
Happy dayszz πŸ˜€



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’62 Swivel seat highroof

We often use the word rare when it goes about our precious classics but for the car below it’s safe to say this car is ultra rare!!
All together highroofs are a rare bread as they were only produced between September ’61 and 67. I estimate that there must be about a 100 survivors left out there although this is a rough count.
Between those years they produced different conversions such as the clinomobil, Swiss postal van (typically with a slider and walk through, army based vehicles, Airport conversion and more.. But they also made swivel seat highroofs. I have only ever seen pictures of 2 swivel seat highroofs a white one and a red one. Unfortunately I’ve lost the picture of the red one due to a backup failure from my macbook (thx Apple!). But the white one is still surviving and is now in the UK!!

I believe the bus was delivered in Canada although I cannot confirm this but the current owner Zander has told me he’s waiting for the VW certificate to show up to find out all the correct details about this bus.

The bus, however, is in a poor state and looking very sorry for itself.. It needs a ton of work and a serious amount of motivation to get this is bus back solid again..

But! it’s a factory highroof swivel seat and extremely unique!!

When I said a lot of work is needed.. well it basically needs a new chassis all round..

But hey a swivel highroof, how many people can say I’ve got the same car !! πŸ˜€

A bit rusty eh.. πŸ™‚

The window above the hatch is a very cool feature too!

If it was mine, I’d restore it back with the maple leaf on it!

I wish you all the best with this bus Zander..

You know where you can find me if you need anything. πŸ˜‰

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And POP .. !

The dent in the passenger rear corner caused me head aches and every time I saw Stella and that awful dent I felt my tummy going upside down..
So to change that I spend a few hours on that corner and it turned out really nice..

This was the damage..

So I decided to mark the inside corner just around the creases to give me a good idea where to attack the dent.

I remembered seeing a video or write up from Kustom Coach Werks a few years ago where they pushed out a big dent on the front panel of a barndoor bus using a rugby ball. Because of the size and form of this dent I thought a rugby ball wouldn’t be up for the job so instead I used a basketball! To make things work I had the build a barrier for the ball so when I was going to fill it with air it would push out the dent.. As you can see below I used a solid piece of oak for strength and placed the ball behind it using the marks.

I recorded a video to show how well the “ball trick” works.. POP.. Β  πŸ˜€

The little dent needed a bit more work and some massaging but I think the end result is nice considering no proper tools were used other then air pressure, a basketball and my hand..
I wet sanded the dented area, t-cut it, and finally gave it a little polish..

The result is perfect, it leaves a few little dents but it adds to the life of Stella! πŸ™‚
The bottom dent was a tough one and needed some hammering hence why all the paint is gone.. that will need a little blending..

Great result for a 2 hr job πŸ˜€

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European Bug in 5

Right, so it was time to visit Bug in again..
I’d done the first one so I was very excited to see what edition 5 would bring..

It didn’t start of great for me.. I hooked on a small Dutch convoy of my Buddy Arnold and drove down to Chimay..
As I don’t do satnav and followed Arnold I didn’t really watched the road but after driving a long time on B-roads we got nervous as we were doing a detour..
Arnold realised his satnav was playing around and so we pulled over on a service station to discuss the way ahead and filled up..

But oh dear.. when we left the service station I couldn’t go over the dip and had to reverse, a quick look in the mirror showed nothing so I put Stella in reverse and looked in the other mirror only to see Doug’s (VW fanatic from Cali who joined us in a hired car) face giving a ” NO dude -STOP!” expression.. but before I realised it was too late!! Β Bang!! Β  Bugger.. I jumped out of the bus to see the damage.. Β I could see a few green scratches on Arnolds bumper and around his headlight and saw a little dent on my bus.. Arnold said it’s fine dude let’s get back on the road and drive down to the Bug in show..

After circling around in Chimay we finally got on to the event and parked up.. It was then I saw the real damage that I done to Stella.. NOT good.. I managed to get 3 dents in the passenger side rear corner, a big one, a little one just on the joint of the battery tray and a nasty dent on the bottom from his bumper. A good inspection on Arnolds bus showed little damage around his headlight and trim ring and some scratches on his bumper.. As by Luck Arnold had sanded half of the front panel of his bus as it’s going in to the bodyshop soon for a respray so he didn’t really bother about the damage..
Thanks dude I owe you!!

Not a great start for the bug in..

















We decided to get over this with a few drinks and get the party going ..
We were parked close to the burnout ring and I decided to have a look.. Good call as you will see below..

Dee queuing for the burnout ring, but we all know it was rather to promote his VW festival in Kent πŸ™‚
The real show was for Pascal with his Drag-highroof-windsplit .




Pascal was giving a real show with lots of burning rubber and mad sounds from his screaming engine..









I think he got a bit carried away by the exciting crowd as he was trying to throw donuts.. However, a Highroof is not the best option for this.. as you’ll see below .. 😦

It was very quiet for a few seconds when this happened.. (look at the guys face in the bottom right corner)

Luckily the response was good and in less than a minute the “wind split” was back on his feet!!

Fortunately the damage wasn’t too bad, battlescars and a good story I guess. πŸ™‚











Go fast – Not crazy.. Pascal! πŸ˜‰

The weather wasn’t great but edition 5 was packed, what you see below is only a hint of the show.. the camping was full as well but Β  we made the right call to stay down here as it was a dirty mud field.









As per coincidence there were 7 Highroofs at the show which is a record in Europe!! Most of us know each other so we decided to group together for a line up.. πŸ™‚

One Highroof (Combicoxshop) decided not to join the line up and showed little to no interest.. stupid in my opinion!

You will not see a highroof line up like this again soon!!
( I love the fact they all have a different paint scheme..)

After the line up we parked up again and had a good party going..

EBI#5 was a good show!! You hear lot’s of people moaning about the price but as far as I can tell this show is a bargain compared to most UK shows you go to and you get good entertainment for your money too!! Not that I’ve done a lot as for me it’s all about Β having a good time with your mates.. the rest is just bonus.. πŸ˜€


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I need your help!

I’m making a list of all known European highroofs and I can use your help to make it as complete as possible.

If you know about a highroof that’s missing from the list please contact Β me so I can add it.


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Bobber style!

When I was last in Antwerp I stayed at my buddy Dennis’s place. He recently finished his Harley bobber so we took a little ride and shot some pictures..

Happy dayszz.. πŸ™‚

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Barnfind Highroof for sale in the Netherlands!

Β This beaut came up for sale last week in Holland!
The seller “Joost” found this bus which was stored in a garage for many many years..
It needs a fair bit of work but nothing to difficult and will be a good project for someone.

I hope it goes to a good home!

Very cool bus with a cool period paint scheme..


Link to the for sale ad!

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Calling all Highroof owners!!!


It’s on!!

I’m trying to get this up and running.
The goal is to get as much of these beloved vehicles together in one field.
Not a commercial show with trophy’s, sponsors and show and shine blingers but a gathering with fellow Highroof owners talking anal highroof stuff amongst the smell of a great BBQ and beers.. πŸ˜€
For all Factory Highroof models, visitors welcome.
Location: Maidenhead – farm field (see pic!)
Date: TBC
No entry price, probably a fee for shared BBQ.

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A new addition for Stella, a vintage air-camping tent!

Thinking ahead means I know in a few years Lowie will be too big for his hammock. I recently found a roof tent for an economic price and couldn’t resist buying it.. πŸ™‚

The previous owner used it on the bed of his landy pick up and took good care of it.

I planned the delivery so when I went to Belgium a few weeks ago for the aircooled shows I picked it up and could finaly see what I bought. πŸ˜€

I initially looked for an “overcamp” as they come in light brown and are more neutral and even more period correct but the prices are often 3 X more expensive..

Anyway, excited when opening the tent asΒ I’d never used one before and was well chuffed with the quality and conditionΒ πŸ™‚
Exactly as the PO described it..

The ladder is attached to the opening half of the tent and acts as a “pull handle” to open the tent.

The tent has a built in mosquito-net which has velcro strips on the side to keep it in place.















Tent has little “windows” on the side and they can be opened from the inside by using a string that goes around in a loop so when you pull it upwards from the inside the flap on the outside will go down.. cool feature!

It came with 4 brackets as well as the clamps, however I think the bars at the bottom of the tent are not the original ones but can’t confirm. It needs, however, a bit of work to make this fit on to my roof rack..











And once folded back with the cover over it looks like a big flat shoe box..



I hope to get the mounting bars sorted soon so I can fit it on the roof and have a full penthouse extension on the roof top πŸ˜€

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