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Highroof road train!!

Picked up 2 more highroofs last weekend..

What an epic trip to get them both home, the build on the ’63 can finally start..

Stay tuned for the trip report soon!!

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Skeeeeg Veegaaaasss!!

What a superb show!!

I spoke to the organiser at Bugjam and he convinced me this show was a really laidback one on a grass field near to Skegness. My buddy Scotty and his crew were heading out there as well so on friday we cruised up there..
The weather wasn’t great but it couldn’t beat us down except for us all to hiding in the buses..

The location is a nice country field with trees and so we found a great spot to park..

Mr James’s bus didn’t cooperate well and so he took his T? and made it after all.. a bit grumpy to start with 🙂

Alcohol does wonders.. and after a few I got trigger happy to the (dis) likes of Scotty .. 🙂

Jay’s superb Volksrod!

On saturday there was the rust and prime line up in the middle of the field with some nice cars!

The ususal suspects having a stroll..

Rikki’s old bus

Not sure where this belongs to tho.. ?

Went for a little wander around the field and spotted 2 more Highroofs. Yippi’s and Anthony’s!











Mr Weener Gypsy style!!

We had a few showers during the day and I forgot to take the Charcoal of the roof.. Even after setting fire to the BBQ with lots of fuel, we realised we needed something else to get it going.. Scotty had the brilliant idea to get 12v blower out and give the BBQ a little hand.. 😉

Saturday night was brilliant with a 1hr set from Visiontech beats.. oh yeah good stuff!!

Unfortunately we didn’t get much of a lie-in as Mr Jay was up early to get his shiny beast ready for the show and shine.. and lucky us he parked so close with his quiet Stinger!! (loud exhaust! 😉 )

Scotty said to have a go in the show and shine and strangely enough I followed him .. lol
I even won a prize ! God know’s for what but it was funny! 🙂

As the weather looked very promising I took the opportunity to open up the roof tent and let it air a bit.. it was quite popular! 🙂

Lovely cars in the line up!



























I loved the interior of this Gia!!

This pictures shows the vibe of the show really well.. relax.. and chill.. 😀

The show finished sunday eve and we decided to stick around a bit in the area and went to a campsite in Skegness to have a nice warm shower!!

We were quite a sight at the campsite..

The next eve near the beach in Skeg..

The next morning Scotty and I continued a little trip on the coast line and came to a nice place right at the beach..






Happy times for sure!

Another fantastic weekend and good times with friends!!

Roll on 2014!!


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Calling all Highroof owners!!!


It’s on!!

I’m trying to get this up and running.
The goal is to get as much of these beloved vehicles together in one field.
Not a commercial show with trophy’s, sponsors and show and shine blingers but a gathering with fellow Highroof owners talking anal highroof stuff amongst the smell of a great BBQ and beers.. 😀
For all Factory Highroof models, visitors welcome.
Location: Maidenhead – farm field (see pic!)
Date: TBC
No entry price, probably a fee for shared BBQ.

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A new addition for Stella, a vintage air-camping tent!

Thinking ahead means I know in a few years Lowie will be too big for his hammock. I recently found a roof tent for an economic price and couldn’t resist buying it.. 🙂

The previous owner used it on the bed of his landy pick up and took good care of it.

I planned the delivery so when I went to Belgium a few weeks ago for the aircooled shows I picked it up and could finaly see what I bought. 😀

I initially looked for an “overcamp” as they come in light brown and are more neutral and even more period correct but the prices are often 3 X more expensive..

Anyway, excited when opening the tent as I’d never used one before and was well chuffed with the quality and condition 🙂
Exactly as the PO described it..

The ladder is attached to the opening half of the tent and acts as a “pull handle” to open the tent.

The tent has a built in mosquito-net which has velcro strips on the side to keep it in place.















Tent has little “windows” on the side and they can be opened from the inside by using a string that goes around in a loop so when you pull it upwards from the inside the flap on the outside will go down.. cool feature!

It came with 4 brackets as well as the clamps, however I think the bars at the bottom of the tent are not the original ones but can’t confirm. It needs, however, a bit of work to make this fit on to my roof rack..











And once folded back with the cover over it looks like a big flat shoe box..



I hope to get the mounting bars sorted soon so I can fit it on the roof and have a full penthouse extension on the roof top 😀

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Easter @ Antwerp

You never know how much you miss something until it’s gone…

So when I had the opportunity to go back to my hometown, Antwerp, I loaded Stella up and .. up up and awwaaaayyyy..

With temperatures still around 0˚ it was a cold drive down. Not being well myself, I opted to drive straight down to Antwerp to catch an early sleep on my favorite spot at the river. Unfortunately the spot I normally park was now filled by several containers which were designed as hotel rooms with a view on the river.. Hmmm.. So I parked a bit further underneath big industrial ‘historical’ cranes, thinking, I won’t be spotted quickly and hoping on a quiet night.. WRONG bet! It turned out that the big events hall, only a few steps away, had some kind of a party going on and 20 mins after a put myself in bed there was one car after the other driving up and down the “knobbly” stones which made a noise as if I was sleeping on the motor way.. oh dear.. As if that wasn’t enough I had people walking past the bus all night and I even woke up one time thinking the bus was being rocked.. whether that was a dream or not I don’t know but it sure wasn’t a great night of sleep..

So I woke up early and took the advantage of shooting some nice pictures..


The sun was up early, and it was very welcome after such horrible weather in the past weeks..


I made a phone call to see partner in crime Iris and left, cruising past some of Antwerp’s stunning buildings..


Not the best picture, but, this recent impressive build is the new museum MAS (museum at the current).  There’s a lot of locals who are divided about it..

I think it’s a cool building, in the wrong place 🙂

The below building is one of my favorites! I lived opposite for several years and it was my first view when I walked out of the door.. Strangely though.. I’ve never seen it on the inside.. ‘the Museum of fine art’ houses an impressive collection of some of the biggest artists from the 14th century onwards..

The rest of the day I spent with my friend walking in the city, visiting the flea market and ..  a well know known typical “brown” cafe named the “Duifkes” for some proper Stella’s from the draught!! Oh man.. I miss this pure golden liquid!!

After a good time in the evening I left Antwerp city and drove to my all time favorite club LAROCCA in Lier.. It’s approx 1.30am when I arrive. I asked my buddy Dennis to leave me a space on the parking in front of the club..

Larocca is not your average club.. it’s something where you come home to.. It feels just right, time after time, and so after a bunch of friends arrive the party kicks off until the early hours.. whoop whoop..

It’s about 9.30am when I get woken up by my buddy Leslie who pulls me up from the sofa at the entrance and drops me of in Stella.. A few hours later a wake up not really sure where I am and I freak out seeing a half naked dude next to me in bed.. EEeeK!!   😀

It was now well past lunch time (1.30pm) and we could still hear the club going strong..

A quick view out of the bus made me realise we were now camping on the parking of Belgium’s best club 😀

The next morning I woke up, fresh as a bird :-), and ready to help Leslie out with a costumer’s ( and friend’s) bus who was waiting for some welding jobs..

As usual there’s always a very impressive collection of cars in the garage and this time it was no different..

Good lad Bart was represent as well, I met this fella last year and he’s is just so hilarious when you’re out on the piss and he’s suffering a hangover the next day.. Good to see you Bart!

A genuine Early speedster!!

A ’60 double door 15 window.. common as fuck.. NOT!!! and another 365, this time a genuine convertible!


Bobber’s and a stunning 57 mango that will see the roads very soon!




1930’s something – Vauxhall in original paint.. I started talking to the owner about how cool it would look being chopped, slammed, shortened but he was not having any of that .. LOL
















This is one uber sexy ride for sure!!!

The double door 15 window needed some basic cabfloor repair.. so I thought.. ?

She’s in overall good condition, but, does have some issues and the doglegs were actually in worse condition then I first thought..


Clean cut and ready for repair ..

Wimson stopped by at the garage to fiddle with his bobber and because I always see him showing of pictures of the lovely food from his ‘Teerak’ I kindly invited myself over for dinner.. Man .. his lady can cook some proper Thai food.. to say this was good is an understatement!!    yum yum  🙂       (thanks PUY!!)











The next morning I was back in the workshop rebuilding the LHS dogleg and trimming the replacement piece to go back in..










I finished the LHS of the cab floor and cleaned it all up looking all factory again and leaving as much of the good original metal as possible.


Good fit!

My Buddy Arnold from Holland came down to the garage as well and Wim invited us all for another fantastic Thai evening, his girlfriend Puy can cook some really really nice food.. Thanks again my Teerak! 😉


Main dish..

And desert.. I’m seriously on a diet now..

On one of the mornings after leaving my bus parked for just 5 minutes ,I came back from the bakery only to find my mirror splattered all over the road.. Thanks tw@t!!  Both of them now need to be replaced.. 😦

So after a weeks holiday it was time to drive back home to London..

But, not before my stop at Piet & Katrien who invited me for dinner and they even put a heater in Stella..  This was very welcome as it was very very cold every night.. I’d slept in Stella in the alps when it was snowing but somehow it felt much colder this week.

After a really nice evening filled with beers and great Belgian food I left in the morning to catch my ferry.

Whilst waiting in the queue to get on the boat I noticed this a old 4×4 with full length roof rack and overland roof tent and thought .. cool ride.. that dude is probably having a similar sort of trip.. A bit later on the boat I ran into Mark owner of the “kempes” barndoor and it turned out that the 4×4 is his and he just came back from a snowboard holiday and slept in his tent.. Proper hardcore me thinks !


Another flawless trip for Stella! Leslie did some tweeking on the carbs as it was puffing a lot and found the carbs being set to rich.. It now runs a lot better and is far more fuel economic!

A big thank you to all friends for your hospitality, food, drinks and showers..

I’ll be back in June for more fun 🙂

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Pitstop in front of the very cool Tintern Abbey..


Soon more pics from our new years roadtrip!!

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Home sweet home..

A while ago we went back and forth to Antwerp..

Even tho it’s only 7 months since we moved yet it seems so long since we’ve been here together..

We slept at our favorite spot near to the river..   it becomes a standard now when we go back. 🙂

He’s becoming such a little poser.. ! lol





















There’s always something new around this place..


Until next time, hopefully not too long!!



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(Hi)top Gathering @ Cotswold

Last year we were talking (on the SSVC forum) about getting as much hitops together as possible.. So Phil Dowling stepped up and started a thread .. Months later it was finally time for a real nice get together at Cold Aston. Unfortunately it’s impossible to pick a “free” date, lots of other events going the same weekend so many UK hitops were spread out over the country.. Nevertheless we had a fantastic weekend with a very nice range of different splitty’s and great people!!

Friday eve we arrived late at Ben&Sarie’s (parents) cool barn.. Luxury camping underneath a barn shelter, Lots of beer and bus talk send us off to bed..

What an ass huh.. Darren’s beautifull restored hitop .. what a beauty!! 



Saturday morning we left to Cold Aston.. a super tiny village which consists of approx 25 old rural houses/farms a closed pub and church.. 😀 The weather was superb and so there was a fantastic mood.





The village had their yearly fayre and we bought a lot of crap.. lol .. I found a nice old school lumberjack shirt thanks to my buddy Steve!  After the BBQ we went to the local party !! 😀











Not sure if it was the combination of today’s alcohol, sun and smokes but the location looked very much like a Lord of the Rings scene.. the barnowner, the typical band in the old stable, old school village people and the single burning light above the door..













A fantastic party.. apparently I never made it till the end.. 😀 As you can see above I was in a very good “mood” .   ..  lol






Sunday morning it was time to leave as I’m off to la Belgique to meet friends and lots things planned around …



















Nearly forgot to mention Steve and myself  have plans to start a small business and we came across a little gadget at the fayre that became our logo..            “Aircooled Flippers”  is born !! 😀   Hopefully soon more news about this..

Then it was time leave my great friends and hit the road for a solid 12hrs drive.. 😀





















Come back soon for more updates !!

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Our latest trip is online, check road trips!!

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