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Bug Jam 2013

Having never visited Santa pod and being asked by friends to come out and play I loaded Stella up and left..

Wow, this must be the crapiest show I’ve ever been to .. Chav level 10! and the quality of cars is poor (70% watercooled crap) however the company was superb which made it a great weekend after all!

Scotty was waiting for me at the entrance and guided me through the madness onto the MILK&TWO club camping spot where they kept the only small spot left for Stella.. Cheers Guys!!
The line up on the grass reserved for Milk&two was rather cool with an early slammed Ambulance, DKW, Barndoors, ratrods, super early bay window, slammed early double door, a stunning patina’d oval, a 520HP split double cab and Stella..

After a great party the wake up call can be very hard sometimes 😉

Once Chez is alive.. the bar is open..  😀

And he’s always up for a party!

I went to have a look at the drag strip and noticed the below Crew cab which was parked next to me all weekend.. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it taking off.. F*ck me this thing as fast as hell.. It currently has about 520HP and according to the owner he’s got an upgrade awaiting to take it up to approx. 750HP !  WOW !!

Bugjam = a big fun fair..

The Hayburner boot.. always a cool setup!

Ned doesn’t only make for a good magazine but he know’s how to entertain people with a skateboard too!


Went on a stroll and spotted some cool rides

























This ride looked like it came straight of the the new Mad Max set..
Very cool thing!











This is Seaside Neil’s wicked patina’d Oval!!

Another very nice ride..

This extremely tidy engine bay caught my eye.. well done to the owner for keeping it so clean!

Jo Pro’s SC logo

Backdoor Ben on the move 🙂

Moody skies..

I don’t think I’ll do a Bug jam again, despite the great company it just doesn’t tick the box for me..



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