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2nd Highroof campout 29-31 July / Maidenhead


Aircooled pre 67 campout!
All info here

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Merry Christmas

To all of you!

I’m not a Christmas person myself but that doesn’t mean I wish all of you have a great time over the festive period!!


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Butty’s throttle kit

I’ve always been a fan of the smaller retailer, the non commercial indie who still brings to the market honest products for reasonable prices..

Simon Butland aka ‘Butty’ drives a VW splitscreen bus for quite some years, he’s soon found out that some parts could use improvement and started engineering bits a few years back.. Friends and fellow bus drivers from in the scene have closely watched his progress and have given feedback to Simon so he could adjust and improve.. today we know him also as ‘Butty’s bits’ !!

So.. Β a few months back when I was on a stroll at the ‘Skeg Vegas’, show I walked past Simon and his ‘bits’ πŸ˜‰ we started talking and he asked me whether I’d seen his throttle kit.. He explained me his personal experience from the original kit and how he used that to develop/engineer his improved kit. Simon then gave me a kit and asked me to test it and give him my thoughts of the product..

So fast forward a couple of weeks and I find myself laying underneath Stella having a good look what my original kit looked like. To be honest I always thought the sloppy pedal was just part of driving a bus and never really thought about making it better, after all I’ve always got where I wanted to go.. But, I’m open to improvement and it’s little things like these that make me very curious.





I was surprised that my under cab area still looked reasonable well, I cleaned/protected this before I did everything under the cargo area and it shows only a bit of surface rust peeking through.

Right so the throttle kit.. well … errrmm… It seems that I’m missing the little spring that keeps the connector rod in place.. ooops .. maybe this was a sign that a replacement was needed!













The kit from ‘Butty’s bits’ looks great, it’s made out of stainless steel and uses small ball bearings. That in it’s own is a great improvement as with the original kit the movement in the joint is simply the rod going through a hole..
Further more with the kit comes a rubber seal that goes on the cab floor (not shown in the picture), a return spring and a stainless steel cable tie (not shown in the picture) ..














I removed the original kit from my bus and this gives you a good opportunity to compare the original vs Butty’s..

As I mentioned the ball bearings are a great improvement, as you can see for yourself in the picture below, the hole where the rod was circling round has worn out and become oval instead of round!


Fitting the kit is not a hard job.
You take out the old kit by unscrewing the small nut and bolt in the U-shaped bracket. Remove the springs that hold the rod, remove the throttle cable and it’s out!
Before you put the new kit in place it’s best you make sure that you clean the area inside the U-shaped bracket. It might have collected crap over the years and this will affect installing the new kit. Once all clean, install the new kit. This might be a bit fiddly with the washers but shouldn’t take you too long. Fit the rubber gaitor. Next job is to attach the rod to the pedal but you will need to trim a little off the side of your pedal (see picture below), a dremel or similar tool is ideal.


The last thing to do is fit the spring. With the kit comes a cable tie that you can wrap around the box section but I choose to drill a tiny (2mm) hole on the lip just above the box section so it’s secured. (see picture below)

View from the cab..

Simon mentioned to get more throttle travel you can remove the lip on the top of your pedal.. Β  ( I bent it ages ago πŸ˜‰ )

So having this kit fitted for the past few months, I have noticed a big difference. There’s no more sloppy feel in the pedal (there’s some left but that’s down to a worn connection where the pedal is held with a pin to the floor), there’s more of a modern and sturdy feel to it, no more squeaking noises and a fast returning pedal.. Β  all together a great bit of kit!

I vote for little products like these and look forward to the next little improvement from Butty’s bits!!

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Back to winter mode

To protect my rims from salt on the road this winter I thought it’d be best for them to come off and replace them with my 15″ steelies.. I always loved this set but I’m not really sure about the black color.. I think they looked better under my westy.
But seeing as Lucy is finding the love again for Stella (it was fading a little as we haven’t been on holiday for a loooong time) and she mentioned recently that she really likes stock wheels under a bus I thought it’d be a good time to go to winter stance! Β  πŸ™‚


Β I think I like the combo with hubcaps and red trim the most..

This setup has also put her a little closer to the floor.. πŸ˜‰

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Another Highroof popped up for sale in Germany.

Going form the available pictures in the ad on thesamba it looks like a converted “clino mobil” with sales flap.

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More Highroofs added to the register – Keep ’em coming!!

If you know of one that’s not on the register yet or you can supply me some missing info then plse contact me!

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Cruisin to the Breeze ’13

Beter late then never eh! πŸ™‚

Brighton Breeze, probably one of the best shows in the whole year.. Despite it being a 1 day show, over the years I’ve always come down on friday eve to enjoy the weekend as much as possible.

For some reason (probably being too tired πŸ™‚ ) I’ve only taken pics of the cruise down and not a single one at the show itself.. I guess it’s that show where you meet so many people and sort of say goodbye until you meet again somewhere early next year.

All I can say is that I had a superb time again.. I missed out on the saturday eve but that was because I had to go home bound for the delivery of my new baby girl πŸ˜€

Anyway I’ll let the pics do the talking..


Meeting up with the usual suspects.









A quick burger for Fi and Chez and we’re off..












Bobby driving the extremely low (static) PG/SG.. This is one lovely bus!!

Mr Faux in his supersonic Canada Dry DD panel.. πŸ™‚

The speed was rather boring for Scotty.. Β  lol

Rapid rodent racing going strong



















Some cool drive by shots!




Driving in to the sunset..

The sunset was an absolute beauty of moment to drive into..

A bit of lame show report I know but as said BB is much more then just buses parked on the madeira drive.. Β Thanks to the SSVC for putting down a very good show again and most importantly thanks to Mr Smart and team for making it so successful.. Well done!!

See you next year!


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European Highroof campout 26-27-28 june ’14 – Maidenhead/UK

It’s on!!!

For all Factory Highroofs but all pre 67 buses are welcome too!!

Have a look here for more info or visit the topic on the SSVC if you would like to join and add your name.

Hope to see you in June!!

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rApid rOdent rAcing!!

Where do I start eh..

Well let’s start with the beginning that’s the easiest way me thinks..

Chez and I met the first time back in 2008 when I did my “fear and loathing” trip in the UK, more specificly in Devon/Cornwall.
It was at a random roundabout somewhere near St-Yves that my mouth fell wide open when this amazing convoy of 3 ΓΌber cool splits came driving past.. One of them was Chez in his well known army green Kemperink.

He made a good impression on me but somehow I lost contact with him over the years and for some reason my mind (fuzzy as f*ck these dayszz) couldn’t make the link with hippy Chez these days to the Chez from back then..

It was not until this summer when Chez and I found each other again as good friends and the trip to HO was a wicked one!!

A few weeks ago I realised Stella was in need of some serious TLC, she’s been such a great bus all the time and she get’s me all over Europe with hardly any complaints. The mileage on my speedo has increased enormously and you can really tell underneath the car.
So I phoned Mr RRR and his answer was ” Mate, the door is open for you any day any time”. He knows how to make me smile πŸ˜€

Now before I continue I want you to know that despite I like Chez very much I did not have a clue what to expect from his workshop or the man himself .. after all he’s a hippy right.. πŸ˜‰




Rapid Rodent Racing is located in Souldrop (can it be more perfect πŸ™‚ ) near Bedford.

There are a few other garages on the same farm and the atmosphere is great, especially if you’re a petrol head like me. Having spent a week at RRR I can tell that there’s something different going on every day.. The guys on the farm are really cool too and are always there to help you out.
There’s (clean) toilets and even a hot shower (bugs included).Β 

So when I said I wasn’t sure about what to expect from Chez.. Well he’s surprised me very much. He might not know it but I kept an eye on him to see what he’s all about and I have to say he’s the sort of guy you’d like to work on your car. He’s not the sort of mechanic who thinks he’s always right.. In fact when he’s not a 100% sure about a job he will go dig into books, the world wide web or even make a phone call just to be sure he’s making the right decision. Now that I like!! πŸ™‚
What makes a difference in a good mechanic is the fact when they’re looking for the cause of a problem/situation.. I’ve had a few conversations with Chez where I’ve put his “mayo” in action and it was great to see that he was thinking/trying to find out the problem..
Another great example is that when I explained Chez the brake issues I had he came with a different view opposite to all other people I’d spoken with.. and.. he was right too! Good Stuff..

Instead of replacing a potential failing master brake cylinder, Chez had a look at the settings of my rear brake shoes, adjusted them and went for a spin.. Β  (the problem, I had to pump the pedal Β± three times before I had any brake assistance at all, because the rear brake adjustment was so far out it created air in the pipes.. long live single circuit..)

A look around in the workshop and the first “thing” that catches my eye is Weener’s bus..





He’s bus is in for a straight axle conversion.. Not sure why he’s brought it over as I thought Ian could do these things himself.. my guess is he’s just plain lazy .. πŸ˜›
As you’ve probably noticed from the engine lid, he’s gone over to the darkside by replacing the aircooled VW lump with an Alfa Romeo Boxer lump.. Oh dear what have you done eh.. πŸ˜‰
Well at least it will be another bus on the road soon.. good luck with finishing it off buddy!





The 2nd vehicle that really pops in my eye is this Ferarri red kit car.. oh boy that thing looks fast as f***







It’s a road legal race car with an Audi Quatro turbo lump in.

Lucky me, Chez has decided to put Stella in the back of the workshop so this beast has to come out.. vrrrroam vrroooaaaaammmmmm.. πŸ˜€


What a machine.. !

The look on Chez’s face after a quick test drive say’s it all this thing is mad! Β  Β  Β  Β  (no hairspray needed after a little testdrive πŸ˜‰ )

There’s no job that Chez can’t do, in fact his workshop has it all, Snap on tools, 3 Welders (MIG&TIG), Plasma cutter, press, ramp, pipe bender, air tools you name it and he’s got it.. And what surprised me the most is how organised all the tools are..
I’ve been in a few workshops before and this was probably the one that I found the tools the quickest.. they have a place and are cleaned when put back.. This man loves his workshop.. so much he lives in it!!




The workshop has all sorts of funny pictures, stickers and other things banging around.. I pictured a few.. πŸ™‚















A fair few projects are waiting for Chez’s magical hands and I found some cool cars too!!

I like this PG/SG very much even the driver looks spot on πŸ˜‰

There’s no job he doesn’t do.. this beetle needed spaghetti wiring sorting..

Not the most loving job out there but things need to be fixed even if they take a while..

I didn’t take a picture of the actual result but it looked very much like this one .. πŸ˜‰Β 






And when a job needs to be finished it needs to be finished!

It often means working late nights too..

As you can see from yourself, if even late nights weren’t enough . .. OI.. Picture.. WHAT!!!?? Β  Β  Β  lol

And he makes for a good call service too πŸ™‚

All in all a great experience to be at RRR!!

So if your car’s in need of maintenance, welding or a new (re)build engine give Chez a call. You can find his details here.

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Wax and Polish time..

Right.. so with the superb weather from the last weeks I thought it was time to take the roofrack of and see what the roof looks like. I gave it a quick Anchor wax treatment last Autumn in between showers when it was cold and when she lived out side.. Not the best times but it was better than nothing.
I knew it wasn’t looking great hence why I took it off!

Seems it was the right thing to do!! Mind you the Anchor wax makes it look far worse then it actually is.

So I Attacked it with a hand brush and car shampoo and the result was not bad at all. Only a few spots with some surface rust which is a result from the old cracked paint.

I cleaned the whole bus and put it in the field to have a good look at it to see what it looks like without the roof rack. Apart from when it was delivered (all stock) I’d never seen it without..















I have to say I’m not sure if I like it ..

Another scar with a story in Stella’s life.. the gutter is/was badly bended.. I’ve fixed it but no picture yet πŸ™‚

Next I polished the whole bus (except the roof) which was quiet a hard job, especially in the current temp’s (30Λ™ C ) outside.. And put a wax film over it. Finally I took a rag and anchor waxed the whole roof with a clean thin layer and poured a thicker layer in the gutter. It’s so nice to do this job when it’s hot as the wax is so much better/easier to use!


















I need to get her out in the sun to see the proper result but she sure is clean and has a nice shine on it..
Happy dayszz πŸ˜€



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