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Not much of a big post as I was mostly sorting out bits under the van that weekend despite having a great weekend with me buddies..

The SSVC vs the Early bay line up..  (moody sky included 🙂 )

The SSVC Line up in the morning, most likely the best Line up at the whole show.. 🙂

The privilege of owning a Highroof – center of attention..    lol











No idea how this happened 😉 but I was trying to get a good shot from the mini hippy split rather then a bumshot!

As mentioned above, a small post as I was mostly under the bus during the weekend trying to figure out why the performance of my brakes and steering have reduced..
(These are not my pictures, if the owner of these pictures would like me to remove them then please contact me)

I realised at Busfest that since my bus is on the road (april/may 2010) it has done approx 35k miles.. hence why it needs maintenance all the time.. at least it feels like that.


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‘Vicky’ Farm 2013

The Split Screen Van Club holds it’s AGM every year at the beginning of May at Eddy & Jackie’s Victoria Farm up in Lutterworth. After showing up sunday eve last year I realised I missed the whole thing.. Most people went home due to the poor weather.

This year, however, the weather gods gave us a hopeful forecast. Apart from a cold friday eve and a few brief showers on saturday, we had great weather throughout.

Because of the forecast, many fellow buslovers made the trip and it was a great turnout and good to catch up with many friends..



Camp all setup on saturday morning.. not too busy on the field .. yet!

Mike also arrived late on the friday and of course he had his “treehouse” all set up.                                                           Cool sign written panel.

Beautiful set up that is..  binz & airstream













In the big marquee the SSVC organises “seedlings”!! Very much to the likes of the little ones as they had all sorts of things going on.. drawing, designing cakes and even ‘creating’ their very own split screen van..




The seedlings Bus line up .. patina, concurs, custom, flower power.. Lots of creativity around the young guns!









A rather nice Palm Green Sand green stock bus was parked in the lower field and it boosted a lovely patina!


Spotted the SSVC editor having his cuppa in this lowered double door panel van !

Then it was finally time to race the little buses the kids had been making. This was a brilliant idea! The buses were turned into scalextrics and placed per 4 on the track..          Thanks Amanda&Matthew, you did a superb job for the kids!!

Ready .. set..  ..      GO!!                                                             vvrrrrrooOoaaammm



All that racing made us very hungry so time for a snack… mmm donuts! 🙂

At some point Lowie took control of my camera and a few minutes later my memory card was about 50 pictures richer .. 🙂
























Sunday morning, everybody getting ready for the cruise to the Stanfordhall show..















There were a whole lot of vans!! Pretty much every little gap in the field was filled with Splitscreen buses ready for the cruise to the show..













Chief in command getting prank’d! 😀

My buddy Chris who’s very much in love with this bay window miniature..














More vans ..  EVERYwhere !!











And then finally off for the short cruise in a mahoosive concoy ..

Roof racks make for a good viewpoint.

At last .. Standford Hall! Probably the only show I’ve been to where they have a dedicated area with split screen vans only!! And there were roughly 200 buses.. woWSers!!

Great fun for the whole family!

In the late afternoon we returned back to Vicky farm for some more chillaxing ..


Buses are multifunctional.. they’re used for all sorts of purposes .. even as a climbing construction..

Monday morning.. getting all ready for a scorcher today!!

Lowie having a go at eating his breakie on his lap… hilarious..  😀

Then I had the opportunity to ride this amazing piece of history but unfortunately my knee wasn’t cooperating at the time so instead I put Lowie on there.. He loved it but wasn’t too sure of the height..

Chilling out and enjoying the sun .. for once !?

I spotted this early bus and loved it all the way.. lifted, truck mirrors, patina and knobbly tires.. oh yes!

In the afternoon it was time to say goodbye and cruise home..


What a lovely weekend and yet again a great performance from the SSVC for organising this.

Thanks and until the next one..






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