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’62 Swivel seat highroof

We often use the word rare when it goes about our precious classics but for the car below it’s safe to say this car is ultra rare!!
All together highroofs are a rare bread as they were only produced between September ’61 and 67. I estimate that there must be about a 100 survivors left out there although this is a rough count.
Between those years they produced different conversions such as the clinomobil, Swiss postal van (typically with a slider and walk through, army based vehicles, Airport conversion and more.. But they also made swivel seat highroofs. I have only ever seen pictures of 2 swivel seat highroofs a white one and a red one. Unfortunately I’ve lost the picture of the red one due to a backup failure from my macbook (thx Apple!). But the white one is still surviving and is now in the UK!!

I believe the bus was delivered in Canada although I cannot confirm this but the current owner Zander has told me he’s waiting for the VW certificate to show up to find out all the correct details about this bus.

The bus, however, is in a poor state and looking very sorry for itself.. It needs a ton of work and a serious amount of motivation to get this is bus back solid again..

But! it’s a factory highroof swivel seat and extremely unique!!

When I said a lot of work is needed.. well it basically needs a new chassis all round..

But hey a swivel highroof, how many people can say I’ve got the same car !! 😀

A bit rusty eh.. 🙂

The window above the hatch is a very cool feature too!

If it was mine, I’d restore it back with the maple leaf on it!

I wish you all the best with this bus Zander..

You know where you can find me if you need anything. 😉

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