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2nd Highroof campout 29-31 July / Maidenhead


Aircooled pre 67 campout!
All info here

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Roadtrip tHe iSLaNd hOppER

Finally managed to finish off our latest roadtrip.. have a look in the Roadtrip menu..

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Nice sales flap added to the register

Found in Norway and now receiving a restoration. The bus is in really good shape for it’s age and the owner hope’s to have it ready by the summer.

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Highroof campout 2014

At the end of June I organized a VW HIghroof gathering, the idea was a back to basic campout with a focus on the highroof. The goal was to get as many together in one field. Despite the number of owners putting their name down in joining us for the weekend, many send their cat.. I’m guessing the few hours rain we had was enough to keep them home.

Chantal and Matt’s beautiful farm is situated in the countryside on the outskirts of Maidenhead. It is the perfect setting for a relaxing weekend.

The program for the weekend was simple, come down, park up and enjoy

Nibbles and a lot of fun..


Not quite the turn out as hoped for.

Matt gettin’ dirty with the venison 🙂

Yep, caught with an axe.. not really 😛



A generous and lovely spread..

Throwing and watching the glider.

We had rain saturday afternoon but were well prepared so the party continued..



and more chillin

The campfire was massive.

In the weeds..

Ssssht barndoor a sleep..

Laid back..


From Left to right:
Antony Bentley’s ’65 Panelvan, Matt & Chantall’s ’67 Clino mobil, my ’63 Portuguese 9 window & ’65 Portuguese 13 window, Lee’s ’64 Panelvan.

( the ’63 is now owned by Mike and Charlie Rutherford.)

Thanks all for coming down, hopefully again in 2016!

Special thanks to Mike Jonhson for the pictures.

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Merry Christmas

To all of you!

I’m not a Christmas person myself but that doesn’t mean I wish all of you have a great time over the festive period!!


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Butty’s throttle kit

I’ve always been a fan of the smaller retailer, the non commercial indie who still brings to the market honest products for reasonable prices..

Simon Butland aka ‘Butty’ drives a VW splitscreen bus for quite some years, he’s soon found out that some parts could use improvement and started engineering bits a few years back.. Friends and fellow bus drivers from in the scene have closely watched his progress and have given feedback to Simon so he could adjust and improve.. today we know him also as ‘Butty’s bits’ !!

So..  a few months back when I was on a stroll at the ‘Skeg Vegas’, show I walked past Simon and his ‘bits’ 😉 we started talking and he asked me whether I’d seen his throttle kit.. He explained me his personal experience from the original kit and how he used that to develop/engineer his improved kit. Simon then gave me a kit and asked me to test it and give him my thoughts of the product..

So fast forward a couple of weeks and I find myself laying underneath Stella having a good look what my original kit looked like. To be honest I always thought the sloppy pedal was just part of driving a bus and never really thought about making it better, after all I’ve always got where I wanted to go.. But, I’m open to improvement and it’s little things like these that make me very curious.





I was surprised that my under cab area still looked reasonable well, I cleaned/protected this before I did everything under the cargo area and it shows only a bit of surface rust peeking through.

Right so the throttle kit.. well … errrmm… It seems that I’m missing the little spring that keeps the connector rod in place.. ooops .. maybe this was a sign that a replacement was needed!













The kit from ‘Butty’s bits’ looks great, it’s made out of stainless steel and uses small ball bearings. That in it’s own is a great improvement as with the original kit the movement in the joint is simply the rod going through a hole..
Further more with the kit comes a rubber seal that goes on the cab floor (not shown in the picture), a return spring and a stainless steel cable tie (not shown in the picture) ..














I removed the original kit from my bus and this gives you a good opportunity to compare the original vs Butty’s..

As I mentioned the ball bearings are a great improvement, as you can see for yourself in the picture below, the hole where the rod was circling round has worn out and become oval instead of round!


Fitting the kit is not a hard job.
You take out the old kit by unscrewing the small nut and bolt in the U-shaped bracket. Remove the springs that hold the rod, remove the throttle cable and it’s out!
Before you put the new kit in place it’s best you make sure that you clean the area inside the U-shaped bracket. It might have collected crap over the years and this will affect installing the new kit. Once all clean, install the new kit. This might be a bit fiddly with the washers but shouldn’t take you too long. Fit the rubber gaitor. Next job is to attach the rod to the pedal but you will need to trim a little off the side of your pedal (see picture below), a dremel or similar tool is ideal.


The last thing to do is fit the spring. With the kit comes a cable tie that you can wrap around the box section but I choose to drill a tiny (2mm) hole on the lip just above the box section so it’s secured. (see picture below)

View from the cab..

Simon mentioned to get more throttle travel you can remove the lip on the top of your pedal..   ( I bent it ages ago 😉 )

So having this kit fitted for the past few months, I have noticed a big difference. There’s no more sloppy feel in the pedal (there’s some left but that’s down to a worn connection where the pedal is held with a pin to the floor), there’s more of a modern and sturdy feel to it, no more squeaking noises and a fast returning pedal..   all together a great bit of kit!

I vote for little products like these and look forward to the next little improvement from Butty’s bits!!

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Great intro on this little Alpen brevet film

This movie got send by Patrick Riva who owns the blue highroof in the little movie.. 
He participated in a Moped run..

Good to see you’re enjoying the bus Patrick!!

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Moved .. (again)

So.. I haven’t been up to much posting lately but it’s not like I’ve been sitting on my @ss doing F all.. We’ve recently moved in to the new house and have left London.. Thank god for that, what a sh!thole!! Anyway, happy to be gone there and finally some more space..  and a garage.. 🙂 Stella’s been put to good use, and again showed that a highroof is very practical ..

The amount of stuff going in and on the bus was pretty impressive.. after all they’re not much longer than a medium sized car.. 

Went to pick up a carpet.. When they saw Stella, they laughed and said ‘I think you will need a bigger car or rent a van’.. ..
10 mins later I smiled.. ‘easy peasy’ ..

In between jobs inside, I couldn’t resist doing some gardening. It looked like a mess and was not maintained for a very long time..  I picked up a branch cutter and got a bit carried away.. I ended up with quite some waste and didn’t know how to take it to the dump so chucked it on the roof..  The men at the waste centre were a bit amazed by the looks on their faces.. 😀       Oh well that’s it for now.. I still have some good content to write about but it’ll be for next time.. Over and out..

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More highroofs added to the register..

We’ve got 52 highroofs now on the register and there’s more to come soon .. 🙂

The latest addition a Dutch ambulance conversion by ‘Visser’ found in France and now Living in Italy..

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Another Highroof popped up for sale in Germany.

Going form the available pictures in the ad on thesamba it looks like a converted “clino mobil” with sales flap.

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