2009 – tENt TrIP

No bus roadtrip this year 😦

I sold my ’66 westy last year to a bloke in Germany and bought a ’65 VW highroof instead..

Since she’s having all sorts of work done we went on holiday without a bus and took a tent instead. What a difference and something we were not looking forward in doing again!

Having a good equiped VW campervan is such a luxury compared to a tent and we like the advantage of that luxury!! Nevertheless we had another great trip!

The plan was simple, the budget was low and we wanted good weather so off we were.. down to the south of France..

Crossing Worlds tallest bridge in Millau.. a stunning 343 mtrs!!

We arrived near to Perpignan and found a campsite right next to the beach.

Tip!: don’t shave your beard at 4 ‘o clock in the morning before you leave on holiday.. 🙂 i felt “nakket” !

We did a lot of walking as the area was really beautiful !!

We visited a few wine yards and bought a little stock including a jug which we enjoyed late at night on the beach..

After a few days we decided to drive a little more southwards through the Pyrenees ..

Stopped for a lunch break, great scenery!!

Hopefully nobody got hurt .. ?!

Not easy with a 10 sec.timer on these rocks.. 😀

We drove further and headed for Cadaques, a little village right on the border with the sea. A women we spoke earlier that day said there was a free camp spot..

Unfortunately we only found one campsite in the middle of the centre and they charged 30€/night for a godforsaken place!! Not something we’d like to do. There was a large area just in front of the camping where a few campers had set up camp, but the big sign “N0 camping or a 150€ ticket” together with a load of crap and dog sh!t made us leave and look for a different spot..

We did saw this huge camper which we liked a lot!!


We drove around a for a bit and could’t really find a good place to sleep until we saw this spot, we quickly got the tent out and had a nice BBQ in the dark.. 😀

In the morning we got woken up by this weird noise.. it sounded like a few dogs were walking around the tent and nosing around the BBQ & leftovers we’d put in a bag. But a minute or so later the nosing sound was nothing of what we’ve ever heard.. definitely not a dog!! I tried looking from under the side of the tent but because it was still dark I couldn’t really see a lot until.. i very vaguely saw this big animal which looked like a cross from a bear and a rottweiler ..  I told Lucy what i saw and she got frightened as hell, saying we were going to be eaten a live !!   🙂   I took another look only to see that our tent was surrounded by a family of wild boars.

Obviously we were the foreigners on their territory who had left rubbish which they really enjoyed.. About 10 mins later they were off and so we got out of the tent. Whilst I was looking around for them, a big boar all of sudden passed me less than a meter in front of me.. excited as I got, I ran to the car to get my camera but I was too late ..

I followed the boar to this bush where I could clearly hear them, and if you look closely to the picture beneath you can see him and his big white teeth in the middle of the pic! Not long after this picture I had to make a run for it as he was clearly not having it that I was that close to them 🙂

So we packed our tent very early in the morning and left..

After a few hours driving we found a nice campsite in Callela not far from Barcelona.

Not much had changed over the years, the setup of the campsite was still the same, luckily facilities had been upgraded!

We did some walking and came across a few of these impressive insects, the praying mantis!

Found the remains of what once was a Fiat 500

This fantastic little beach was right in front of the camping, about a 2 min walk!!

Tuut tuut..

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