What’s it about?

The Winter Trail is an exiting 4 days trip, with “pre ’67 VW busses”, that takes you through the rough of the Belgian Ardennes in temperatures that most people be happy to sit cosy in their lounge next to the heater.

Not on this adventure !! Everybody sleeps in their busses and the whole group is independent based on a pre packed list of stuff. It’s an unforgettable weekend whereas foreign people only knowing each other virtually gather together around a campfire and become good friends. The trip takes you along some of worlds smallest towns into stunning landscapes. Part of the group goes die-hard off roadin through the forest, sometimes in very very muddy tracks .. boys will be boys eh.. !!  A through team spirit arises when all of sudden tree’s need to be cut and moved from the tracks.. all of this is part of the Winter Trail.

It is inspired by the Shasta Snow trip (Founded by Brian Piercy) a yearly event which is held in the northern part of California. The idea of creating a similar event nearby was something which was scratching our minds for a while but it was not until in 2008 when fellow bus friend Frank Meels and myself got our heads together to make the Winter Trail alive!

This exclusive and limited event is held around march every year since 2009 and we aim to keep this going, we both have no intentions to make this into a commercial event, therefor there’s no profit, no marketing, no external sponsors or whatsoever.

The rule is simple a low entry price but a maximum of pleasure!

Survive the Winter Trail!!

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