My name is Stephan                —————>

I have a huuuuge passion for classic cars and more specifically for the pre 67 VW bus!

Over the years I have had a few and I soon realised it was the Highroof version (only build between sept. ’61 – sept ’67) that I fell in love with..
Apart from this passion I love food too .. as you can see 🙂

I created this digital space to share our roadtrip adventures in my campervan.. a ’65 VW highroof bus build by myself and enjoyed to the fullest.. (literally 🙂 )
You’ll find the ongoing updates on my campervan as due to her age she needs quite some love as well as some upgrades.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here!


19 thoughts on “About

  1. leslie

    great job!

  2. Rusty67

    Loving it Stephan, nice reading up on your stories again!!!

    Cheers buddy!!

  3. Nice to see your own space on the web, love to “read” your holidays and more.

    Cheers ‘n beers

  4. Your site is awesome! Just put it on my sidebar:)

    Cheers from munich

  5. Love your van and great site cheers

  6. You are a huge inspiration for us!

  7. Adrienne

    I’ve seen a couple here in the States. What email do I send the photos to?

    • Hi Adrienne,

      You can contact me on spruytstephan at hotmail..


      • jari pihlainen, finland

        Nice to hear about you. Highroof-meeting is great. Allready planing how to get there.
        Blue/White Highroof from Finland, Jari Pihlainen.

      • Hey Jari,

        Great to hear from you!! I hope you’re well!!

        Fantastic news if you’re coming to the highroof campout, I was going to send you a text but you beat me to it 🙂

        Contact me on my email (see other mssg) for further details!


  8. hi
    I would like to participate in wintertrail 2014 with my bus 62.

  9. Eric van Dooren


    the one you say Kieft en klok is mine now! gona restore it complete. hope it will be finished to come to uk 2014!


    • Hi Eric,

      Thanks for your mssg and congratulations on your new Highroof!!
      Welcome to the club! 🙂

      Plse send me all details of your bus. (see the register)

      Also have a look at the European Highroof campout!
      It would be great of you can join us!


  10. Hello Stephan,

    hello, I am also a proud owner of a hiroof, I live in Germany and would be happy to send you a photo.



    • Hi Jens,

      Thanks for your mssg, please do send a photo of your highroof!!

      The email address is shown here in the comments.

      Take care

  11. Hi Stephan

    Hope you and the family have been well.

    When are you visiting us here in Australia mate? Time you did some adventures ‘down under’ 🙂


  12. I enjoyed this! Amazing stories and adventures! You’re not a bad writer! Not bad at all!!! 🙂

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