Nr 1.. A VW Samba 23 window ’63 (gone)

It all started when I was still at school, I got in contact with a local artist who was doing some projects for our school.. After a few conversations we had an agreement, I would visit his property in France with a few mates and do some work in&outside for a “free” holiday .. Instead we got a VW bus to use which needed some tlc.. Unfortunately we never made France but I did had a fantastic time in the “hippy bus”!!

It was not until late 2005 that I ran into an add for a 23 window samba, wow.. it was located only a few miles from home!! An appointment was made the next day .. Unfortunately my knowledge was very poor, which the seller took to his advantage !! A few days later a very impulsive purchase was made (bought with the intention of  having a few minor repairs and changes carried out).. My happiness didn’t last very long tho, showing my pictures to a few VW enthusiasts made them anxious and they found my bus suspicious in it’s originality. A few visits to some well known dealers confirmed me this bus was not the real deal. Sad as I was I got in contact with another dealer to who I showed my bus, he was very interested in the bus and altho he thought he made himself a great deal with the advantage to himself he was soon to find out the same dissapointment as I had..

Happiness all over!

Blinded by love, i didn’t noticed the way the front clip was all “fillered” and the V-shape running all the way down passed the bumper ..

The fake Wipers and massive window rubbers were easy to replace tho..

Door didn’t shut properly.. bended gutter..  & the odd looking skylights which were not correct for this bus..

Weird tailgate handle and rear light lenses made place for the originals somewhere in it’s life.. 🙂

Later on I found out the bus must’ve been in a massive frontal collision as the whole cab was hanging down.. (You can see the gutter bending down before the B-post)

Fortunately the engine was a good runner despite the bling bling..

The sunroof had been taken out and instead they put a piece of PVC in there which they sealed with body sealant, the “original” sunroof was included tho..

Unfortunately the seller is still in business and I wasn’t the only one that had been r!pped off. However I do know that I should take the blame for it myself for not doing a proper research.. despite an impulsive purchase was done!!

Learned the hard way I guess..

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