Nr 5 .. A ’63 Highroof

It’s been itching for a while but I really wanted another bus.. a bus I could use/drive daily that is unmodified and sporting it’s stock drivetrain! I thought about this for a long time and my first choice went to a single cab.. Although as much as I like them and whenever I saw one that caught my interest, it just didn’t feel right inside.. I think because of the lack of space in the cab and to be very honest with you.. once you’ve owned and driven/travelled in a highroof it’s very hard to go back to a “standard” body..
So I started looking around and because I’m always aware of these vehicles I soon found about 4/5 highroofs for sale. A tip came from my buddy Matt who I was chatting with on a late evening.. He passed me the details of a highroof for sale in Portugal. I contacted the owner straight away and a few days later I received a reply from Fernado the previous owner. I received plenty of pictures and made a call. After a good chat we agreed on a price and the Highroof is now mine.

I will continue and complete the story as soon as I have it home..

To give you an idea what’s coming home.. πŸ˜‰

This how it was found..

A nova....

After it got pulled out of the field it looked like this..


It was quite rough with dents on both rear corners and drivers/passengers rear wheel well.


The previous owner took the van to a body work shop and left it in the hands of an old school panel beater, who did some impressive work!! He even took the door skins and re-fabricated them as well as lots of other panels on the bus!















A solid bus!!


Both front doors have been taken apart as well for a perfect smooth rust free finish.. πŸ™‚

I will put a full write up on this bus when I get my hands on it. It’s currently as good as finished regarding the welding, as much as I would’ve loved to do this myself I’m quite happy with the work that has been done!

The idea is to build this as my daily driver with bench seats in the back, all stock exept for it sporting some big meaty tyres.
I look forward to building it πŸ˜€

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