Nr 3 .. A ’66 Westfalia SO42 (gone)

With the experience of my first 2 busses I kind of knew what I wanted. I loved going away in it but the lack of having a camper interior was definitely something I missed. So going to a few shows combined with looking on several forums night after night I knew what I was after. It didn’t last long before I entered BBT per coincidence. I didn’t have an appointment but they made some time so I could have a nose in their large stock of old VW’s. It was then I noticed a Pearl white Westfalia which had only entered there shop the day before (straight from California) and so they didn’t had the time to sort it out and put it on their website. A proper look in, around & under the bus convinced me I didn’t had to look any further. Now it was time to make a deal and since they didn’t have a price yet a made them an offer and stated I would take it straight away.. 2 mins later I was the new owner of this extremely healthy bus with no filler anywhere and a superb clean SO42 interior that was all there. They even had a bit of history of the bus as it was bought from an older woman who had used it for camping with her children and grandchildren..

This is how I found the bus in BBT’s shop.

Great bus with a small fixable dent in the back.

A stunning all complete and very clean interior!

Once home I ripped the interior out and stripped the paint of the cargo floor to see if there was any rust hidden, but as mentioned this bus was in perfect condition!

A good Spies-Hecker primer was going to protect it for another 40 years..

Safari windows leak and so I sanded the window frames as they usually rust quickly..

We pushed the dent out.

A bit of welding was done to the window frames.

Not much was needed tho!

Blended in some paint where needed.

Found a large roof rack at a deserted house that was partly rotting away, so we cut it in half..

And welded some supports.

Good fit !

Than it was time to get the bus closer to the ground by using dropped spindles.

Bought a set of 15″steelies and fresh slam tires.

A huge difference!!

Much better!

Did a bit of sanding on the fresh painted nose to match with the worn look of bus..

Personalized the bus!

The bus had a slight “rake” look but I did liked it.

Added some new clean hubcaps.

And this was pretty much the final result.

Then I sold the bus.. 😦 which I did regret for a very long time. The main and only reason was that I wanted a highroof conversion as we experienced on the longer road trips that living in such a small space (definitely on rainy days) wasn’t always as pleasant as we would’ve liked.

I did really struggle with selling her as when I got too much people interested, I took it off the market.. In the end I realized that if I was going to buy a highroof I needed the money and so a new owner found his way to the bus and she now lives back in Germany where she was build..


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